Skrillex to support Guns N Roses


We’re rib-deep into 2016 and it’s safe to say that music is in a wonderfully weird place this year.

Right on our musical doorstep we’ve had major trends such as legends returning (Bad Company, Full Cycle, Pendulum) loads of artists are moving away from the main players launching their own labels on their own rules (Hybrid Minds, Alix Perez, The Prototypes, SpectraSoul), halftime has become a dominant force in pretty much every subgenre of drum & bass, Sigma have collaborated with the biggest UK pop group in the last 30 years, Jack U convinced Kanye it would be a good idea to stand on stage like a pouting lemon for a minute and breaks are back.

Further afield even more mad shit has been happening:  The Avalanches are back, Axl Rose has been singing for AC/DC, Tom Morello has played live with Knife Party and formed the ultimate rap metal super group with Public Enemy, Cypress Hill and fellow members of Rage Against The Machine: Prophets Of Rage.

Clearly anything goes right now. And this free-for-all spirit is now merging usually relatively disparate worlds; in case Guns N Roses reforming wasn’t quite enough of a mad story in itself (most fans had resigned themselves to the fact that Slash and Axl would never share a stage ever again) the band announced the support acts last night and there’s one pretty cool shocker: Amid the obvious names (Alice In Chains, Lenny Kravitz, The Cult, Billy Talent) is Skrillex.

Brilliant. The rock world doesn’t seem too happy (Consequence Of Sound have even apologised for reporting such news) and many people have tweeted the band to reconsider but we reckon this is really cool… Skrillex’s roots are entrenched in band culture and rock music and many fans of the more extreme electronic music such as dubstep and drum & bass came from metal upbringings anyway. To have one of the biggest bass music acts of our time supporting the biggest rock band of the late 80s/90s is a neat full circle and will make for a pretty wild night of music.

Props to Guns N Roses. Props to Skrillex. Shame it’s only one date: August 5, Houston Texas. For more details on Guns N Roses Not In This Lifetime tour see here