Skrillex Takes Us Into Space

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Skrillex releases phone case = dull news story.

Skrillex releases phone case that connects with your phone to create new functionality and a live wallpaper that relays images from space and location-based constellation patterns = quite interesting news story.

Throw in the fact that these images are being taken by a custom-built, signed balloon satellite he named after his dog Nanou and sent off into space, and that YOU can win that satellite once it’s finished its photographic mission, and this is really impressive. Oh, and there’s a free OWSLA content in the bargain for good measure, too.

Each Android Skrillex Live Case is limited, numbered and available for Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Samsung Galaxy S5,Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4. They cost $40 a pop. Take a look at the video below wherein Skrillex admits to strange alien dreams and hopes that aliens may encounter his satellite.

Android’s Twitter account will be sharing details on how to win the satellite. Skrillex Live Cases are available on the Google Store