Skrillex Trolls Stereosonic With ZHU Revelation

zhu skrillex

Big down under: over the course of two weekends Australian mega-festival Stereosonic has garnered some serious headlines across the dance music world. Last week we chuckled at photographer Jarrad Seng who filmed himself walking around the event duping people into the idea he was actually Steve Aoki. Later last week there was also, unfortunately, footage of one of the largest meat-head brawls we’ve ever seen at a festival.

However yesterday gave us the best Stereosonic footage yet: An alleged video of the mysterious ZHU finishing his set and revealing himself to be… Skrillex.

Check the video below and see what you think: ZHU climaxes with one of this year’s biggest tracks (Faded) before mixing into My Name Is Skrillex, over which Skrillex then sings the lyrics and states he hopes everyone has enjoyed the ZHU projects.

Is ZHU actually Skrillex? Or are Sonny and ZHU just having a bit of a laugh (and creating some serious hype in the process)?

We suspect the latter. Two of the most unavoidable names in 2014 have appeared at festivals at the same time, hundreds of miles away from each other. And, as Your EDM points out, there is radio interview evidence on Triple J that suggests ZHU and Skrillex are definitely two totally separate individuals… And ZHU could, possibly, even be a group of people.

Either way, what a cool way to end a set and push hype into serious overdrive. We’d have loved to have been there in the crowd. For a second or two, minds would be blown. Were you there? Let us know in the comment section what the vibe was like at the moment the screen dropped and Skrillex took to the mic.

Source: Your EDM