SOBAD announce new label SOBAD Sounds

Sly One, Bromley, Archive and Distro are set to launch their own label next month: SOBAD Sounds.

Four highly respected names to emerge in bass over the last few years, all flexing around the most exciting and innovative corners of UK dancefloor music between 120 – 140BPM, each act is highly accomplished in their own right… And a whole load louder as SOBAD.

Amplifying their message and supporting each other as a classic collective, SOBAD roll in a similar way to how Full Cycle formed almost 25 years ago. Four Bristol-based acts all bouncing off each other, jumping on collaborations, remixes and b2bs and their monthly Reprezent Radio shows in different combinations. Each one with a different but complementary sound in bass – from Sly One’s housier aesthetic to Archive’s much darker jungle influenced sound, they meet in that exciting area where grime, breaks, dubstep, house, garage, bashment and everything in between merges with an exciting unpredictable energy. An energy that’s about to increase with the new label SOBAD Sounds.

Launching September 18th, SOBAD Sounds will be a new home for all four acts’ material and collaborations. It kicks off SOBAD Vol 1, a four track EP comprising a tune from Sly One, Bromley, Archive and Distro. In future we’ll see more combinations and collaborations between them including a SOBAD collective debut. Covering their full sonic spectrum, with an aim to explore it and develop it even more, SOBAD Sounds is an exciting move from the Bristol collective who we cited as a crew to watch back at the start of the year.

With audio set to drop in the coming weeks, we asked them a few questions about what to expect…

You said you had something big planned when we last featured you. This was the label, right?

It certainly was! After launching the collective last year, we had an amazing run of shows all over the country. We spent a lot of time on the road planning all sorts! Launching a label was pretty much top of the list and we are so pleased that it’s finally happened.

How many releases are you sitting on ready to fire off once the label is launched?

We wanted to kick the label off with a four track EP, an individual track from each of us. But we have a boot load of collabs that will be coming very soon. Volume 2/3/4 incoming….

Terrible question, but please sum up the label’s sound and intentions…

Haha not a terrible question! Just a tough one to answer. The sound is 100% SOBAD. All our own productions and collaborations. I suppose we just want to have some fun and show off our varied styles without having to pigeon hole genres. For now it’s all our own stuff. But I’m sure we will look to have a chat with other artists in future! Whether it’s for a collaboration, remix or even an EP. The sky is the limit!

We were kinda hoping to see/hear a full SOBAD production – have you all sat in on a beat together yet?

It’s tricky to find a date we are all available to play a show! Let alone spending a couple of days on a project! But in saying that, there are a couple of tracks we have all had a look at so I’m sure you’ll see them in future volumes.

Six people/four acts is a lot of energy and ideas for a collective. What’s the line between many cooks and many hands? And how often do things spiral into chaos when you’re all together?

A lot of energy for sure! Anyone who’s seen all six of us messing around on stage will agree! Sly-One passing the cowbell into the front row of the crowd and showing of their hosting skills. Bromley and Distro fighting over which USB you can take out and Archive asking everyone when we can ramp it up to 140! Complete chaos but a lot of fun!

You’ve all worked with some great labels from Punks, RKS, 877, Lobster Boy etc – have you had any words of wisdom or tips about label running from any of them? If not, they must be a strong influence, right?

Definitely a strong influence and even an inspiration, all the labels we’ve worked with know exactly what they’re up to! We’ve all been making music for a little while, we have some good friends in the industry that we’ve been able to draw advice from. Everyone’s been super helpful and hopefully we’ve done a good job with this first release.

What happens next?

We are having a wicked time doing what we are doing so we don’t plan on changing a thing! Just lots more new music, radio and jumping around on stage in clubs all over the place!

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