SpectraSoul announce new album: How We Live


SpectraSoul have announced their third album How We Live. It will be released October 20 via their own label Ish Chat.

Comprising 13 of their strongest tracks to date, How We Live sees the duo returning to their rolling barbed soul roots. The title track was debuted by Annie Mac on Radio1 last Friday. It goes like this (and you can grab it now if you pre-order the album)…

The latest in a consistent string of exceptional dispatches since they launched Ish Chat 18 months ago, How We Live follows four on-point EPs (including a killer collaborative release with Alix Perez) and showcases the duo in their most prolific and creative state since they emerged in 2007.

Explaining how their studio vibe is presently at an all-time high and that they’ve “found a unified sound again”, SpectraSoul were able to reveal a little more about the album before it drops next month… 

A new album! Last time we spoke you said you were happy working on EPs… Was that a cheeky fib or has something happened along the lines that’s made you think ‘Shit! We need to make an album!’?

Dave: We had a bit of an epiphany moment about six months ago when deciding which tracks we should use for our fourth Ish Chat EP. We had a big folder of finished tracks and ideas, nearly half of an album’s worth, so we decided to take the plunge and work towards an LP and here we are.

Jack: I think actually someone had asked us about another album in a previous interview! And even when we were getting the tracks together for the Second Chance EP we knew we had enough music to do an album. And then between that EP and the Synergy EP with Alix we just went hammer and tong to get it done. It has to be said though, since we started the label we’ve been on a real vibe in the studio. We’ve found a unified sound again and so this album fell into place really naturally.

How We Live… There’s an evocative title if ever we heard one. Any particular concept going on here?

Jack: That’s a tough question. We had already named the tracks at the point of deciding the album title. That name just fit with the ethos of the record – dedicating ourselves to the craft, living the process, and the music coming from a buzzing studio.

Dave: I guess it can also be looked at from a more general angle also. ‘We’ being the audience, the dedicated fans who pay money to get into clubs to see their favourite DJ play, the dedicated & loyal drum & bass community that buy everyone’s music on daily basis.

There’s a strong ‘back to roots’ feel running throughout it, while at the same time it never feels like you’re going over old ground or being nostalgic.  Was that the intention from your perspective and how do you tread that seemingly impossible fine-line?

Dave: Creatively, we didn’t really think about that deeply. We just approached each studio session with an open mind, and wrote whatever music we felt like writing at that time. We definitely wanted to strip it back a bit though. Less focus on technical and more about capturing a vibe.

Jack: We also wanted to get that soulful but danceable vibe going again – some music in our music. I like to think of this record as a Delay No More sound palette but aimed at the club. We have some full vocal stuff in there as well as experimental stuff and straight club tracks.

Standard question for all album interviews… give us a moment when you began to regret another album project so soon after launching the label.

Dave: When we received the invoice from our manufacturers! Nah, honestly, we didn’t really ever have that moment. The whole album came together quite quickly and naturally. We’ve got a good team around us, so everything runs nice and smooth. It’s a bit daunting releasing an LP on our own label, but the first few releases have given us a good slice of confidence to move forwards with a bigger project.
Jack: I think it was quite stressful when we realised how different an album campaign is to an EP campaign. There’s just so much more scope and breadth to it.

Now give us one of those times when everything just felt right and real…

Dave: Probably at the track-list stage. It all fell into place at that point. We didn’t think about it too much and just went with what felt right. That’s the moment when it all becomes very real. About 11am last Thursday when the postman knocked at the studio door with a carefully wrapped package from our distributor. Holding the LP in your hand for the first time makes it all seem very real!

Jack: It felt really good when we actually just decided we were going to do it! We had a goal and it gets the adrenaline going.

As this has all happened so quickly since launching the label can we assume that Ish Chat has been more successful than you expected it to be?

Dave: We’ve had such a great response from the first three EP’s from right across the board. DJs, fans, radio, our peers, it’s great to have that type of support and really motivates you further. It’s so nice to know we have a platform of our own to showcase what we do, and hopefully in the future, other people’s music too.

Jack: It wasn’t really the success that was the driving force I don’t think. I think we just wanted to really put a stamp on things and challenge ourselves to see if we could do it all on our own. That’s one thing we always try to do. We’re not content to find a medium/ style of music and to just rehash the same thing over and over. We’d done three EPs so we were like “right, what’s the next challenge?”

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