Spor – Caligo to be released on BitTorrent (and more)

spor - caligo

Jon Gooch took to Twitter and Facebook with some very exciting and heartfelt broadcasts late last night.

First he announced on Twitter that his forthcoming album Spor – Caligo – due on his own label Sotto Voce, March 9 – will initially drop on BitTorrent, complete with the freedom to pay as little or as much as you deem appropriate.

spor - caligo 1

Later on he then took to Facebook with an extensive update that shed more light on his dark “counter culture misfit” alter ego; why he does what he does, his feelings about art, the fans who receive it and make part of their lives, and why BitTorrent – a place where Spor – Caligo can live “as a self-sufficient shared container that’s everywhere and nowhere at the same time, replicating and spreading” is the perfect home for the album.

A salute to the people who live it, and a call-out to those who fake it, the entire statement is an essential read. Most importantly, he says this of the album: “Now I’ve finally made a Spor album, in my own time, by my own choice. It was still a climb, but it sounds exactly how I always wanted.”

If that doesn’t have you hovering over BitTorrent excitedly like a kid on Christmas Eve, nothing will. If you’re in the UK, be sure to catch him on tour:

Feb 26   The Thekla, Bristol
Feb 27   Antwerp Mansions, Manchester
Feb 28   Chibuku @ The Shipping Forescast, Liverpool
Mar 01  St Judes, Glasgow
Mar 03  Stealth, Nottingham
Mar 04  The Nest, London
Mar 05  Beaverworks Basement, Leeds

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