Spor teases new collaboration with Icicle and Linguistics


This time last year the bass-loving globe was eagerly anticipating Spor’s first new material in over two years. He didn’t disappoint: first emerging with his still-lit version of The Prodigy’s Nasty then, weeks later, his BitTorrent-released Caligo.

A solid year of Spor sickness ensued with major tour dates and a Best Remix trophy scoop at the Drum&BassArena Awards. What we didn’t know was whether Jon Gooch would continue his D&B assault into 2016 or switch back to his equally acclaimed Feed Me work (or perhaps his near-mythical Seventh Stitch material or even his songwriter project he mentioned in this interview ages ago).

Knowing the Sotto Voce bossman’s endless creative frenzies, he could be working on all projects right now but it’s clear new Spor material is definitely on the horizon thanks to this Tweet yesterday: 15 seconds of a brand new collaboration with two more UKF favourites: Icicle and Linguistics.

It’s only a clip but the power of the drop is abundantly clear. As is Linguistics’ razor-tongued delivery. We have no idea on release date of Insomnia but let’s hope it’s soon.

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