Stay At Home Festival 4: Full Details & Line-Up Announced

Is it even a proper lockdown unless ONYX and Goat Shed host a Stay At Home Festival?

Back once again – for their fourth edition! – Stay At Home Festival returns to our internets and living rooms next weekend from Jan 29-31 and the line-up is their biggest so far.

High Contrast on a jungle vibe. Skibadee on a breakfast flex. AC13 b2b Hyroglifics with Jakes. T>I b2b LimitedNicky Blackmarket, Profile & Fatman D’s 360 show. Whiney, Waeys, Sub Zero, Something Something, Mrs Magoo, TJ, Melinki, Sota and many more are all set to play over the weekend.

Expect serious takeover business from the Manchester massive Bloc2Bloc with premium b2b badness from the likes of Indika b2b Kaz, Banner b2b Bou and Chimpo b2b Sl8r (to name a few) While other hosts include Overview with the likes of Wingz, Vowel, Sub-Antics, Creatures & Joe Raygun and Engage with Arkaik & Subtle Element and Frenetic & Traffic MC.

These are just some of the many, many highlights. Here’s the full line-up in all its glory…

While the main mission is to keep the D&B community smiling during these continually strange, isolated and highly frustrating times, there’s also a good cause if you’re able to contribute.

Having raised almost £30,000 for various causes including the NHS and AgeUK over the previous three events, this particular edition is very close to home for the founders. This time they’ll be asking for donations to keep Goat Shed running. Shelling out consistent streams and content throughout the pandemic and providing a great platform for a whole new generation of talent to make their mark on the scene, Goat Shed have been a key online HQ for the drum & bass scene as we’ve migrated online since March 2020 and are now facing the hard economic realities of covid-19 in the UK.

With a studio base already established in Southampton, just as the second lockdown kicked in they’d launched another studio in Bristol. Without any help from the government, like so many of us, they’re now feeling the effects of lockdown and are reaching out to the community. For every £5 donation you’ll also be entered into a raffle to win merch prizes from some of the brands and artists involved.

“Who would of thought we would be here almost a year later planning a fourth Stay at Home Festival?” states Goat Shed founder Adam Slevin. “Hopefully this will be the last one and we can get back to some sort of normality this year. The community and artists who are getting behind the motive to raise money and keep our studios open is just crazy. We are so thankful for the support!”

“As much as we love running this online festival and connecting with all the ravers out there, it’s about time we get back to the club,” agrees Chris Wickens, Stay At Home Festival co-founder and the man behind ONYX Recordings. “But before we do, we need to join together once more and raise money for Goat Shed, who have been left in a very perilous position by the latest lockdown. We really are going out with a bang on this one. The line-up is something we are so proud of! See you all on the streams for the usual glorious banter.”

Massive line-up, glorious banter, an important cause and another weekend where we forget how weird life has been for all these months and embrace what we do have: a thriving online scene, awesome talent and sound that continues to keep us going when most of us haven’t seen a decent rave for the best part of a year. We’ll see you in the chat.

Stay At Home stole the show during the first lockdown and the money they raised was incredible. To provide the artists and viewers a platform to perform and engage with during such unnerving times was brilliant so I’m undoubtedly excited to be part the next instalment. Big up Chris & the team! Whiney


Very happy to be playing Stay at Home Fest. I remember the first one like it was yesterday, despite it probably being something like 3 years ago now… Even just having a reason to sort out my USB’s, wrap up unfinished dubs and hunt for new music is uplifting in itself, let alone getting myself behind 3 decks and just rinsing out for an hour. Thank you Goat Shed and Onyx for keeping alive some semblance of what we had before! Sota


The pandemic has affected everybody in one way or another and it’s
thanks to community led initiatives like stay at home that have kept us going. They’ve been a great platform for more DJ’s to break into the scene as well, with the live music industry suffering as much as it has been, it’s great to see both new and established artists still performing; keeping a community of fans together and inspired. 107


It’s a real honour for Overview to have been a part of every Stay at Home so far. This festival has brought a lot of people together for some great causes during a difficult time, so it deserves as much credit as it can get. Peter Piper (Overview)