Stay At Home Festival Returns This Weekend!

It’s time for DJs to show off their finest foliage again… Stay At Home Festival returns for a third leg this weekend!

Kick off, 10am Friday November 13: The event, once again organised and hosted by Goat Shed and Onxy Recordings, features almost 50 heavyweight D&B acts streaming sets across the weekend including Benny L, Degs, Nicky Blackmarket, Trex, AC13, Ray Keith, Aphrodite, Saxxon, Something Something, Jappa, Mrs Magoo, GLXY, Kaz, Indika, Phibes, T95, Disrupta, Enta, Philth, Ill Truth, Creatures and many many many more.

The event was inspired by the wave of second-round lockdowns happening in the UK and the distinct lack of government support for many creative and live industries. Having raised tens of thousands for both the NHS and Age UK, the organisers are now raising money directly for the artists.

“After riding such a high from the first two Stay At Home festivals, we weren’t sure the event would return,” says event co-founder Chris Wickens. “But with the current UK lockdown frustration, and the government’s inability to protect music events, we feel it’s now more important than ever to show support for the industry with Stay At Home part III. That’s why all proceeds from the event will be split evenly between the acts involved, as the lack of shows is hitting music artists harder than ever. We want to inject some much-needed positivity into the community during another crushing time.”

The inaugural Stay At Home event, held between April 10 – 12, was a phenomenal success, raising over £20,000 for the NHS. Rallying up serious troops in record time, the event captured the mood, vibe and spirit of those early lockdown times. It had such an impact the event has since been nominated in both the Drum&BassArena Awards and DJ Mag’s Best Of British.

“We didn’t realise how big it could be,” says co-founder Adam Slevin. “From the artists and charities it has supported, to the massive community it has created. It seems right to bring the festival back for another edition. I understand first-hand how tough things have been for the industry, so it’s only right that we try to raise money for the scene this time round. We’ve got lots of amazing artists involved, so get your tents out once more, because this weekend is going to be huge.”

Get your tents out, flower those plants, start daydreaming about the moment Upgrade finally gets on the mic. You can support the artists directly right here. You can find out full details right here. The full line-up is as follows…

360 Takeover (Fatman D, Profile & Nicky Blackmarket), AC13 B2B Thorne, Aphrodite, Audioporn Takeover (Benny L & Shimon), Ben Snow, Ben Soundscape & Collette Warren, Born On Road Takeover (Aries, Crossy & Kelvin 373), Degs, Dispatch Takeover (Creatures B2B Ill Truth & Bluejay, DLR, Resselek) Disrupta, Enta, Evader B2B Sudley, Faded Audio, Goast, Indika B2B Kaz, Jappa, J White & O.G, Kara B2B Gray, Katalyst B2B Madusa, L-Side, Mota, Mrs Magoo, Operate, Overview Takeover: Sub Antics, Klinical & Waeys, Phibes, Pick N Mix, Ray Keith, Saxxon, Shogun Audio Takeover (GLXY & Visionobi, Gest), Something Something, Sub Zero, Temam, Trex, T95, T>I B2B Upgrade, Zoro

Ooof! Join Stay At Home via Goat Shed from November 13 – 15 and be prepared for three more days of home rave hedonism. We asked a few of the line-up for their Stay At Home essentials…


Something Something

“I have absolutely loved both Stay at Home Festivals so far. It’s really great to see how far Goat Shed and Onyx have come and how much they’re doing for the industry. It’s a shame it had to come to another lockdown for Stay at Home Part three to happen, but looking at it positively, it is connecting people from all over the world and bringing us closer together. At least home entertainment will be sorted for this weekend. So plant your ass there and don’t leaf.”

Stay at Home essentials: Plants, hot drinks and chocolate




“The Stay at Home Festival is a lifesaver. Lockdown affects people in different ways so it’s amazing that we can come together, share vibes and enjoy music…putting the real world to one side temporarily. The line-up for this one is flames and I can’t wait to take part for the first time with hella dubs.”

Stay at Home essentials: Lots of Modelos, Copious amounts of marijuana and comfortable socks. People sleep on good socks, you know.



“Stay at Home Festival is such a wicked way of bringing the community together during a hard time. It really has done so much good for not only the artists and charities involved, but also everyone at home struggling and in need of some escape. After the enjoyment of watching the first event, I’m gassed to now be involved in part three, and all for a great cause at the same time! Make sure you lock into the whole three days of streams as Onyx & Goat Shed have managed to pull in some amazing artists again. Even the return of Upgrade with his famous performance ‘When I’m on the mic, when I’m on the mic, when I’m on the mic’. You know it makes sense.”

Stay at Home essentials: Gulag, cooking Ramen and Breaking Ice with Duskee


“Stay at home festival is the one thing that makes lockdown that little bit easier! It was the first online drum and bass event to really build a community, and it has given people a way to connect through D&B during a really difficult time. I was lucky enough to play at part one and two. For part three I will be bringing along the absolute bad gal MADUSA for a liquid and rollers special!”

Stay at Home essentials: My gin glass, USB full of nan slappers and, of course, PLANTS!



“Super gassed to be getting involved in Stay at Home part three, especially when it’s for a good cause! I feel stuff like this really brings the scene together and I think that’s very important during times like these. We as a community need to support each other as much as we can right now, so it’ll be good to bring everyone together! I’m going b2b with IndiKa for this one. Need I say more, haha? It’s set to be a heavy weekend for sure, as the line-up is looking huge!”

Stay at Home essentials: Beers, speakers/headphones, more beers



“I’m hyped to play Stay at Home Festival part three. I played the first two and they were a proper laugh and a great distraction during these bleak times. Also, it’s great the festival is raising money for charities and struggling artists, as it gives people an added incentive to get involved for a good cause. I’m playing for Onyx recordings quite early on the Friday so I’ll be able to play, get back to the tent for a bit, then head back out to the main stage to absolutely have it!”

Stay at Home essentials: Decent Bass, decent Beer, green things



“Stay At Home was, and still is, the perfect lockdown remedy. From helping noble causes to giving artists visibility in these strange times, it reminded us all how united and powerful the drum & bass community is. If there is one positive we can take from this coronavirus situation it is producers getting the time to create an immense amount of new tracks. I’ve been stacking dubplates and bangers for the last year or so and I’m itching to play them out. I’ll also be glad to represent the French scene as the first artist from the country to play at Stay At Home Festival! So I can only recommend to tune in early for deep bangers and soft soothers. A big thanks again to Onyx Recordings & Goat Shed for setting this up. I can’t wait to be a part of this third edition.”

Stay at Home essentials: Your best pack of IPA beers! Your best speakers: is it really Stay At Home Festival if your neighbours can’t hear the stream? Your strangest outfit : Just because you’re at home it doesn’t mean it’s not rave day!


Stay at home with Stay At Home Festival Part 3