Stop what you are doing! And listen to this neuro remix of Lion King…

Nostalgia and bass?

Lion King’s Circle Of Life has been no stranger to electronic music in recent times. Skrillex used it during his live show during 2014/15 and Mat Zo turned in pleasant middleweight drum & bass remix around the same…. It was the highlight of an album released during dizzying the peak EDM era in which Disney thought a Armin Van Buuren remix of Frozen’s Let It Go was necessary.

Three years later and back to the underground: it’s down to Vegas and Maldini’s Bad Taste to remind us how nostalgia references can actually be done really tastefully, awesomely and heavily. Neuro isn’t particularly known for being lighthearted, and with its futuristic production mantra it’s certainly not a subgenre that panders to nostalgia.

Perhaps that’s why this unlikely bootleg by their brand new signing Filip Motovunski is so good…

No big cheese breakdowns, no hands in the air theatrics; just tropical bird call and that gut-tugging Zulu vocal that takes you right back to your childhood… And a gully bassline that roars like a grown up Simba when he finally kicks Scar’s ass. This is officially the best Disney / D&B connection since Krushed & Sorted’s double-bass popping stepper from 2001 – King Of The Swingers. And it’s free,

It comes courtesy of emerging Croatian producer Filip Motovunski who has been active on labels such as Breaks Per Minute, Jungle Xpeditions for the last few years. Now signed to Bad Taste, his first single for the leading neuro label – Lava VIP / Right Here – isn’t to be sniffed at. You can follow him here and see what he comes up with next.