Surgeons warned about risks of listening to drum & bass while operating…


UK surgeons have been warned about the dangers of operating while listening to drum & bass and other forms of electronic music.

Revealed today in The Independent: research by the UK’s National Journal Of Nurses has shown that operating while listening to certain forms of music can disrupt communication between the surgeons and nurses, cause distraction and ultimately affect the welfare of the patient.

The study recorded 35 hours of surgery across various operating rooms in the UK. The results showed that over 75 per cent of procedures recorded were conducted to musical accompaniment, that the chief surgeon is in charge of what music is being played (they are the headline act after all) and that when music is playing medics were five times more likely to repeat requests.

The research cites drum & bass and dance music as the biggest culprits of distraction leading to “ineffective communication” that leads to “increased tensions and frustrations for staff and therefore potentially impact patient safety.”

The feature also goes on to reveal that most operating theatres have soundsystems installed for surgeons to enjoy their favourite music while working! Who knew?

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Image source: Pixabay