Teddy Killerz: “We’re quitting D&B”

teddy killerz1

Russian trio Teddy Killerz have shocked fans this morning with a seemingly sudden announcement about their direction and future plans.

Just a week after the release of their massive Teddynator/Endlessly release, the band have announced a statement about their forthcoming projects:

“As we’ve said before in few interviews, we were looking for a new fresh sound for Teddy Killerz. It’s been awhile since we joined the Neurofunk scene. It was an awesome three years, but we always felt that we were missing a part of our identity. Now we feel like it’s the right time to step forward and admit to ourselves that we are tired of Drum & Bass. It’s just too fast. We want to share with you two previously unreleased tunes we made during our journey to a new sound. There will be more to come in 2015.”

This statement came with these tracks below: Alpha-Omega and Close To Me.

While they’ve always been respected for dabbling across genres, this is a whole new level. And a level many fans (including us here at UKF) will be upset about…

We’ve contacted their label Ram Records for an official statement on whether they’ll still be releasing this new style of Teddy Killerz material but they have refused to comment.