The Drum & Bass community unites to support iconic MC Singing Fats

The drum & bass community has once again united to help a brother in need and shown nothing but love and support: in a matter of hours last Friday, September 28, the scene raised over £10,000 for one of the genre’s most prominent and influential voices: Singing Fats.

Fats, real name Wildale Spencer, is currently in Sardinia undergoing major heart surgery. Admitted to Olbia hospital with breathing complications on September 17 after a string of rare and special performances at Sun And Bass festival, his health took a turn for the worst and rendered him unable to leave the country. Now in Sassari hospital, today he commences a series of procedures to clear and bypass three blocked coronary arteries and, due to him suffering diabetes, will then endure extensive recovery time and dialysis.

This is a painful and fraught time for Fats, his family and his loved ones. And sadly one that will wrack up a lot of costs; both for the medical care and also for his family and his partner who have flown out to be by side. As a result his friends, including long time friend and all round D&B pioneer A-Sides, have launched a crowdfunding account to cover costs of the surgery, medical insurance and any other related costs. The page was shared en mass by a huge majority of artists and individuals within drum & bass and the total of £10,000 was raised within a matter of hours.

Just weeks after the same community gathered to help fund Duncan Spirit’s funeral costs (again, exceeding the target by a huge percentage), it’s even more proof that drum & bass has a genuine heart and a legit community foundation: true D&B heads, as artists, fans and all aspects of the game in between, care for each other and do what they can to help when they’re called to. The total, currently over £15,000, continues to rise and there’s still time to contribute to ensure Fats has the best treatment and his family are comfortable and able to focus fully on supporting him.

Fats has been one of the most consistent and soulful voices in drum & bass since its earliest incarnations and had a huge influence on MC and vocalist culture within the genre. Our thoughts and hearts are with him and his family during this traumatic time and we wish him the best possible recovery. If you’re able to contribute anything, please know that it will be hugely appreciated by the man himself, his family and the entire D&B community.

Contribute to MC Fats Heart Surgery Support Fund