The Prodigy Return With New Track – Need Some1

Last night rave OGs The Prodigy returned with their first new material in over three years and announced a new album, entitled No Tourists, will drop on November 2. It will be their seventh studio album and arrives two years after Liam Howlett suggested the band may never release an album again.

Need Some1 is the first single to come from the new album. Swaggering on a mean halftime tempo with pneumatic machine funk beats, gritty bass textures and a classic Loleata Holloway vocal sample, it smacks with Fat Of The Land energy and rawness, it’s visually enhanced by this gritty video shot in Manilla by director Paco Raterta and it sounds like this…

“Need Some1 demonstrates the thing about our band that I love: it’s multi-sided,” says the band’s main producer Liam Howlett. “We have the freedom to drop a tune like this alongside tracks led by Keef and Maxim, and still represent what we are about in the same way.”

The album, which takes its name from a short ad lib bar on their 2015 single Nasty Nasty, is described by Howlett as “very much a band album” with all songs “built to play live” and they own the ‘evil rave’ sound. Need Some1 reminds us that they really do… And lights the torch paper for the No Tourist fire in the process.

In 1994 they told us we were no good for them and they didn’t need anyone. 24 years later, we’re still no good for them, they’re the heroes we don’t deserve but totally need right now, and now they Need Some1. Probably not us, but they’re stuck with us any way. And we can’t wait for the album to drop. Welcome back The Prodigy!