The return of Bad Company!?

bad company

Could one of the most influential drum & bass acts ever to grace the scene be about to drop their first new track in over a decade? If a Tweet posted by Doc Scott yesterday is anything to go by… Quite possibly.

Bad Company – the crack team comprising Fresh, dBridge, Vegas and Maldini – are responsible for some of the most uncompromising, timeless constructions in jungle history: The Nine, Planet Dust, Spacehopper are just the tip of their four artist album / seven year adventure together that started in 1998 and continued until 2005.

Rumours of their studio reunion have been rife for years, especially around their reformation behind the decks at an Exit’s 10th anniversary in 2013, but with each member carving such diverse paths and upkeeping their own commitments, the actual reality of all four members getting in the studio together was always going to be a challenge.

We last spoke to Fresh about the idea last summer who explained that the resurgence of 90s commercial dance music sounds were reminiscent of the sounds that inspired the guys to set up Bad Company in the first place stating: “When electronic music made that crossover into the charts a few years ago it was more reminiscent of 80s music – big catchy riffs and chords which I really love. I didn’t appreciate the commercial music in the 90s. They inspired me to make the Bad Company tracks. And, weirdly enough, they’re inspiring me again.”

In terms of a physical reunion he told us this: “In terms of the music itself and working with the guys and continuing that musical chapter then I’m really interested. Whether it will be all of us or some of us or some of us working in different combinations like we did before… That’s yet to be decided!”

A year later and it seems some big (and Bad) decisions have been made. This is the only clip we can find related to the track. Blatantly unofficial and not giving anything away… We can’t wait to hear the full thing. Shouts to Doc Scott for informing the world about this.

DBridge drops new Bad Company track ? #badcompanyuk #dbridge #outlookfestival @dbridge

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Picture source: Discogs