The Sauce urge the UK D&B community to register to vote


Bristol dwelling condimentalists The Sauce – AKA DLR, Spinback and Hydro – have urged UK fans who’ve not yet registered to vote in the upcoming election to do so before registration closes 11.59pm, November 26. You can register here.

Last night they took to social media with a very clear message as to what they – and many others in the music industry – believe in.

“Here at The Sauce we are very much dedicated to the idea of having some fun. Whilst we realise that politics itself is not commonly associated with the concept of fun, we acknowledge that it is essential in order for the people to be correctly heard and represented. In our opinion there is nothing very fun about greed, corporate tax avoidance, Brexit, fracking, privatisation, gentrification, arms sales, Donald Trump, the climate crisis, xenophobia, lies, smear campaigns, Russian interference, food banks, underfunding of essential services, and the rest ! Please make sure that you REGISTER TO VOTE ! This is a crucial time to make your voices and opinions heard. Whoever you choose to vote for just please make sure it’s NOT Boris and his dishonest, selfish, out of touch Conservative party. BUN THE TORIES!”

Neatly highlighting their disdain for the current climate of insidious greed, their message came complete with a warm, free, bouncy, nicely politically charged skanker. Neatly countering the current climate for lies and manipulation, the track is yours for keepsies regardless of who you vote for. They’ve also shared the tactical voting website.

The Sauce are not alone. Many artists and organisations are sharing the vote registation page as days remain for UK citizens to ensure their voice is heard in the UK General Election on Thursday December 12.

With heavy campaigning from organisations such as Momentum, there’s been over a 30% rise in young voters compared to the previous election in 2017 as, according to human rights website Rights Info, almost 1.5 million voters under 34 have registered since the election was announced. With days left to go, there’s still time to raise that number and ensure this is the most fairly represented and actively engaged voter turn-out of our time. It’s necessary.