The Upbeats: Top 5 Autumn Heaters


Autumn. That time of year we all breathe a slight sigh of relief – fresher air, cooler nights, no longer rubbing shoulders with sweaty, smelly strangers on public transport, leaves changing colour, falling to the ground and all that. So poetic…

Who are we kidding? We know the score. Festival season is done. Temperatures are set to plummet and we treat every nice day as though it could be our last… It’s easy to get caught up in post-summer doom and gloom, but we figure there are ways to combat this sense of melancholy.

One surefire way is to chat to Jeremy from The Upbeats to get his advice on how to stay upbeat this autumn (Sorry, had to. Who doesn’t love a good pun? Don’t judge).

Fresh from their monstrous collab with Noisia on the Dead Limit EP, the lads have been busy in the studio with the likes of Ivy Lab and Prolix, as well as working on their on upcoming LP (eeep). With a schedule this busy, combined with a hectic festival season which included appeareances at Exit Festival in Serbia as well as a pilgrimage to Mecca, AKA SunAndBass, we asked Jeremy if there is life outside of summer:

Well, summer is definitely my favourite season. My main life goal at the moment is to chase summer actually. Just finished up an awesome summer here in Europe, and by the time you read this I’ll be back in NZ to catch the Southern Hemisphere spring/summer. Autumn can be a great time as well, but it’s hard to ignore the constant reminder that winter is around the corner…

Gee, thanks for rubbing it in our faces Jeremy. He’s made up for it by giving us five tracks (well, four and one massive tease) to keep us warm as the temperature starts to drop…

Klute – Part of Me


“This has to be number 1 for me, it’s an all time favourite, and it has the magic mixture of melancholy and yet uplifting vibes.”

Voltage – Suspicious

 “Love this, proper vibey roller. This has been a fixture in our sets the last few months.”

Break – Brand New

“One of our all time favourites is back. Break, we’ve missed you! And this track shows exactly why you’ve been missed, nailed it sir!”

Billain – Kingston Drone

“Dude, what the actual fuck. You’re fucking weird… Like not human, but we love it!”

The Upbeats & Ivy Lab – Untitled

“Loved getting in the studio with these mans, and the d&b thing we’ve done has been going down a treat. You’ve been warned 😉 “

Dead Limit is out now on Vision Recordings. Get it from the Noisia Store, iTunes, Beatport & Spotify.