Tomorrowland To Host Vinyl-Only Stage


Belgian mega-fest Tomorrowland is shaking up its formula in a major way this year. This week they’ve started trickling and teasing fans with information about their 11th home game event which takes place between July 24-26… And it’s not what you’d expect.

On Monday they announced the first act: The National Orchestra of Belgium. They will be performing the Hans Zimmer-composed Tomorrowland hymn… On the Sunday, naturally.

Yesterday they announced the first stage: A vinyl-only stage hosted by strong-arm techno imprint Cocoon and its veteran boss Sven Vath.

First orchestras, now vinyl… Talk about kicking it old school.

At a time when many festivals go heavy on the headliners to grab attention, Tomorrowland’s announcements are exciting, refreshing and the absolute antithesis to the tiresome ‘just pressing play debate’

But, at a time when digital DJ technology has more creative potential than ever before, and any DJ worth their salt plays quality lossless files, is a stage exclusively dedicated to vinyl necessary? Sure, the sound quality is likely to have more depth and weight. But with Tomorrowland’s super-tuned attention to production detail, the sound on all of the stages is amazing anyway so you’d think any difference would be fractional. Plus DJs can’t wind-up crowds in real time with loops and live remixes with vinyl. And if any of the Cocoon stage line-up is going to play exclusives and unheard tracks they’re going to have to dig deep for dubplates, too.

A vinyl-only stage is doubtlessly an interesting idea; it guarantees you will experience real, authentic classic mixing craft and it definitely compounds Tomorrowland’s status as an event that really appreciates the music and DJ culture. But is it necessary? Most music lovers care about the whole experience – the acts, the music, the people, the vibe – does excluding really exciting, innovative DJ technologies detract from the unparalleled magic that Tomorrowland have spent 11 years developing?

Tell us what you think, we’re interested in your opinion!

Tomorrowland pre-sale tickets are now available. Visit their website for full details

(Image source: Tomorrowland)