Total Science, Digital & Spirit launch new label: C.I.A Vs Phantom Audio


Between them they boast almost 100 years and over 300 releases of combined drum & bass experience: Digital, Spirit, Spinback and Quiff

Each classically trained in pure underground drum & bass rudiments while remaining relevant and on-point production-wise with releases on almost every reputable, respected and influential drum & bass imprint imaginable. The four men have been long-term associates, cohorts and conspirators for years, but have never all collaborated together before. Until this year…

Apply The Pressure – featured on Total Science’s 20 Years Of C.I.A. album –  lit the touch paper. Today marks the first stage of their explosive collaborative output as four tracks come our way: the long-awaited Rumble, Overlord, Jigsaw and Fall Down. It goes a little something like this…

And this….

With heavy rotation and 10/10 reactions from the likes of Marky, Teebee, The Upbeats, TC and loads more premiership artists, the EP is so strong they’ve combined their labels to form some crazy type of Voltron imprint to release it: C.I.A Vs Phantom Audio.

There’s more to come, too… And not just on their new hybrid brand.

“We’ve already got three new tracks on the go, which is quite impressive we think considering we’re based in four different parts of the country right now!” says Spirit. “We’re working on a release for Metalheadz and also continuing the joint label project into the new year and beyond. When we began we had a bigger project in mind anyway. These four tracks and Apply The Pressure have been great for testing the waters and we’ve had such a huge response to these that it would be foolish not to go on further.”

It would be foolish not to check these historic tracks from each artists in this epic collaboration clash…

Spirit: Favourite Digital track

That’s a tough one because there are lots but I’d have to say Lower Depths. The title speaks for itself really and I don’t think there’s anyone else in the D&B scene, now or in the past, that could make a track like this. It’s just a huge cavernous wall of bass and reverberating drums with just a few sounds interspersed that create an intense, hypnotic mood.


Total Science: Favourite Spirit track

It has to be Synthony after getting to know Duncan and hearing his first track we knew the man was talented, he was the first artist other than ourselves we put music out by on our own label CIA. This tune though was the one that, in our eyes, took him above the average. It has all the elements we loved, and still do, in D&B. Deep pads, sci-fi sounds, chunky breaks and a phat 808 bass to boot.


Digital: Favourite Total Science track

The original is huge (especially to me) so they had a massive task on their hands. But they dealt with the matter by putting their own stamp on the track. Vibes!