UKF Anti-Virus #13

This has been one of the hardest weeks of lockdown so far.

The death of George Floyd, a 46 year old Minneapolis man who was knelt on by three police officers for almost 10 minutes before his death, has once again exposed the deep seeded inequalities and racist systems in place in the western world.

The ensuing scenes of brutality and oppression of the black community and peaceful protestors by the police and authorities, and the reaction to it, have reinforced just how endemic white privilege is, how this needs to change and how it’s not enough to simply not be racist. To not speak out and defend those being oppressed is as bad as the oppressors. This is especially poignant in a music scene where the deepest roots of this culture are of black origin.

“If you have black relatives, half black children, black friends, had or have a black partner, enjoy the fruits of a black persons labour, enjoy black culture whether it’s their food, music, dance, countries, clothes, if you have taken or ever found inspiration from a black person then I am losing my mind as to how you cannot see that there is an issue here with racism, systemic racism & white privilege. How can you condone any of the above? How can you not make a stand and not call out bullshit?” – Tish Ro

This weekJumping Jack Frost shared a post by a young black writer Tish Ro. It called the climate with precision, the centuries of entrenched racism that have led to this point and how it’s not just a US problem. It affects us all.

The full post Frost shared is essential reading and many artists and individuals have shared similar feelings and sobering experiences of their own racist encounters with the authorities. Others have released music to raise money for a variety of fights against racism and causes directly related to those on the frontline across most major US cities.


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Today was a good day.

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This Anti-Virus edition focuses on some of these projects and highlights ways to become more aware of white privilege, educated about the history and empathetic. It’s not about one week, this is about a paradigm shift in responsibility, accountability and empathy and calling out injustice and racism. There are many resources out there and Spearhead boss BCee’s page is a great place to start. His wife Andi has put together a comprehensive list of books, organisations, charities and other ideas and advice on how to improve as a human. Shouts. There’s an incredible amount of information here.


Another acutely on-point post this week that urges for realistic action and meaningful progress came from Chimpo. Savagely capturing the reality he posted: “there’s no benefit in white guilt pity parties if you’re offering no actual long-term help. We know a lot of white people love feeling bad anyway – we listen to Radiohead. Having a little cry wank about your privilege helps no one unless you’re gonna fight to address the balance.”


Two direct ways in the UK you can help instantly is by making your voice known to the government on

This petition urges the government to suspect export of tear gas and rubber bullets to the USA.

This one asks the secretary of state Gavin Williamson to revise UK school curriculums to include the realities of British imperialism.


You can also get involved in any of these projects below courtesy of Doc Scott, DRS, Machinist Music, Ak:Hash, Unchained and more. Once again, as we’ve reported every week in the Anti-Virus, most of the scene is showing true compassion.

If you need a reminder of the brutality we need to fight against check 7 Days Of Rage. The creation of an anonymous bass producer, they’re sharing stories on injustice and footage from the frontline to RATM classics, all agg’d up for the terrifying 2020s.

From one machine to another. Doc Scott has been consistently delivering every Saturday night with his DNBVID-19 shows. Over the last 12 weeks his streams have raised funds for a whole range of organisations from mental health to food banks. This week he splits the donations with the Black Lives Matter Foundation. “I hope I don’t have to explain the reasons for this week charity choice and I hope I don’t have to explain the term ‘Black Lives Matter’” he posts. Damn right. Catch him on Twitch, Saturday June 6, 8pm

With today, Friday June 6, also being Bandcamp’s monthly artists day, many labels and acts are paying some or all of their proceeds onto a whole range of invaluable causes. Here are some perfect examples…


DRS on a deep deep blues vibe with Pray For Us. Just him a double bass, acutely on-point. All proceeds go to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.


Digital and London roustabouts Rupture link-up for a release that raises funds for, an organisation who fight for fair and accountable policing. Two VIPs of his 2014 release on the label, Robber enjoys Steve Digital’s own VIP while Rupture co-bossman Double O zoops up Bitter Wind. You won’t be bitter when you cop these.


South China’s premier beat peddlers Unchained are using Bandcamp’s fee-waiver for some serious deals… Everything is 50% and 100% of the proceeds go to relief fund causes. Time to get some Beijing bangers.


Speaking of bangers, Machinist Music co-founder Dioptrics is serving up some formidable weaponry here. Four tracks in total, each one smellier than the last (especially the wobbly heaven of Empty), all proceeds of this will go directly to the George Floyd Memorial Fund.


Belgian 140 murksmiths Albion Collective have gone back over the vaults for two crucial remixes from Lord Jabu and fellow Belgian Zygos. Glume and Cartridge both get the eerie treatment and 50% of proceeds will go to The Black Curriculum, a social enterprise aimed at addressing the lack of black history being taught in schools.


Ak:Hash (aka the member of Visages with the best moustache) has also released an EP of which all sales will go towards French associations acting against racism: Amnesty France and Justice For Adama Traore, a young Milain French man who died in police custody in 2016. Halftime beat solemnity weighing in at five tracks, each one’s a keeper:


Friday June 6 is not the only day Bandcamp are waiving their fees. June 19 – Freedom day in America – the platform will be donating 100% of their fees to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. They’ll also be donating $30,000 to other similarly reputable and vital organisations. Find out more here. Then make a note to grab some Dispatch tackle, Ant TC1 is going in…



Please get involved in as much of the above as you are able. Meanwhile in a more general Anti-Virus-tip, we also want to highlight these awesome lockdown-busters…


D&BTV: Locked-In – Fabio liquid special

One hour of pure golden era liquid anthems from the man like Fabio. For added weight and information, check this massive interview he did about the era and what led to it, too.


Bop – Etudes 2008 – 2013

Surprise! Russian microfunker Bop has just dropped an album without any warning whatsoever. A collection of tracks that take root in his earlier chapters, some are pre-Med School, others are album tracks that never made the cut for one reason or another, Bop calls it an “exploration of different aspects of my musical identity”. We call it beautiful.


Follow The Sun with Viper Recordings

June 29: save the date and prepare for an around the world trip with Viper Recordings as they host a unique 24 hour stream that follows the sun from east to west. Kicking off down under and moving right across Asia, Europe and finishing in America, the event showcases both Viper and drum & bass music’s international roll-call.


World Of Drum & Bass Home Invasion Part 2

THIS WEEKEND! DJ SS’s World Of Drum & Bass juggarnaut is rolling upside our mainframes for a seond home invasion. Kenny Ken, Annix, Benny L, Aphrodite, Inja, Miss Represent and North Base will be joining SS and there’s even some Fight Klub and yoga business in the mix, too. Invasions have never been so life-affirming. It kicks off Saturday June 6, 5pm UK time.

Lastly: we’re finally using our Bandcamp page properly. All of last year’s UKF10 singles and latest merch can be found right here.  See you next week, take care of each other…