UKF Anti-Virus #14

If you don’t think politics has a place in music, or you’re not comfortable with Patrick Nazemi’s picture we posted this week, or you’re part of the ‘all lives matter’ gang then this Anti-Virus is not written for you. Understand the roots, respect them, celebrate them…. Or turn it off and listen to some opera or folk music or some idiot biggot on talk radio. Thanks! 


Week 13 of lockdown. Restrictions might be beginning to ease but the musical online activities are still ramping up. There’s a lot going on right now from Andy C’s first stream of the ‘rona era to an online tutorial from Noisia via mixes, massive streams, fund-raising albums, new labels, fresh bars from a range of MCs, production tips and plenty more. Let’s tuck in…


YES! At long last, Andy C has answered the daily requests on his socials to come and join the streaming rabble. Never one to do things by halves, he’s gone fully in on this one. Titled OneSevenFour, it’s the stream we need but totally don’t deserve, it’s hosted on UKF On Air and D&BTV: Locked-In and it kicks off tonight Friday June 12, 8pm UK time right here. Scenes.


Get Locked Up on lockdown: Section’s imprint is releasing a massive fund-raising album next week on June 15. Locked Up 20 comprises some of the best tracks from the label’s first 20 releases featuring sounds from the likes of Sicknote, RMS, Kumarachi, Dapz, Section themselves and many more. All proceeds will go to Love Your Hospital charity which directly relates to one half of the act’s day job.

An NHS physiotherapist on the frontline in Worthing Hospital James – who’s also one half of Dark Ops – will be donating all proceeds to his hospital’s charity. The album is out via Bandcamp next week then fully on all platforms in July. You can also donate directly. Here’s the album in mix-form; it bumps.



The build up to the For Wiggo album we shouted a few weeks back – a giant collection of bangers from the likes of Sl8r, Ray Keith, Rowney, Sappo, Motiv, Exile, Nvrsoft in memory of north west legend Adam Wigglesworth – is heating up. The album drops on June 26, the plan is to get the album to number one in Junodownload charts, all proceeds go to Adam’s family and James – the organiser of the album – has just dropped the lead tune. Wiggo’s Theme. Don’t be fooled by that nice floaty intro… It turns into quite the stinker midway.



Another project we’ve highlighted before is Beats In Mind’s Headsbass. After a successful launch in May (which we spoke to the label founder Pyxis about at the time) they’re now racking up their second volume with another impressive rollcall. Embers Of Light, Ben Soundscape & SOFi MARi, Raybee, Nemy and Bally & Boom are all on side. As are Belgian duo Easy & Geeks with this lovely breezy number. Get some Headsbass.



Friday June 12

Bloc2Bloc and Drum&BassStore are hosting a Black Lives Matter fund-raiser today from 4pm – midnight UK time and it’s a full-on affair from the moment PRFCT Mandem kick off. Bad Habits, Dr P, Banner and more will feature before T-Phonic, North Base and Madrush MC close things down. Don’t dilly dally.


Sinistarr, A.Fruit and Rohaan are just some of the DJs lined up for Electric Hawk’s latest streamed event: In Harmony, In Solidarity. Following a series of events raising money for COVID-19 relief, this event directs all attention and funds to Black Visions Collective, an important organisation dedicated to developing a political home for black people in Minnesota. With all DJs playing a 30 minute mix, other artists on board include Anna Morgan, Psyoctave, A Hundred Drums and more. Find out more.


Saturday June 13

Euphonique is celebrating 11 years of her label Subwoofah with one of the biggest line-ups of the weekend. Ray Keith, North Base, DJ Dazee, Aries, DJ Hybrid, Diligent Fingers, Mizeyesis and many more will be playing alongside Subwoofah OGs Euphonique, S Man and Epicentre plus many more. All proceeds will be going to LoveMusic HateRacism, an organisation who need no introduction whatsoever. Streaming Saturday and Sunday, this should not be missed.



Missing that battle fix now Dub Wars is over? Scratch that itch on Saturday as a whole army of jungle and drum & bass artists and labels are lined-up for Cryptik X Helix’s LoveMusic HateRacism Soundclash. Hadley, Conrad Subs, Agro, Blckhry, DJ Gaw, KY, Nautic, Teej and labels such as Nuusic, Monk Audio and Incurzion Audio will all be battling via 30 minute live streams. You’ll have 24 hours to vote for your favourite. Let battle commence.



From battles to bliss: Breathe & Bass are hosting a live DJ set and meditation session on Saturday at 3.30pm UK time. It’s hosted by the recently formed Breathe & Bass group who are dedicated to improving mindfulness through D&B. Broadcast in stunning English woodland glade, the hour long session is part of a bigger event called Om & Bass. A two day wellness frenzy ranging from yoga to comedy to martial arts, the event is free and you can find the full schedule here.


Disaszt has taken social distancing to a mountainous new level with his set for Ram’s House Party this weekend. He’s playing alongside the likes of Chords, Sweetpea, Sinistarr, Alibi, L 33 and Task Horizon this Saturday you’ll catch the full set (loaded with stunning drone footage) from 10pm. Party on dudes


Next week June 15 – 21

Heavy Sonics will be raising money for LoveMusic HateRacism every evening next week with an exciting program of sounds from a 100% D&B female roster. E-Lisa, Mel C, Ama and Little H are just some of the guest DJs lined up.

“With everything that’s going on it seems like a perfect time to get together a vibrant and diverse bunch from around the globe,” explain Heavy Sonics. “Each bringing their different flavours of drum and bass music, while raising money for an apt cause.”

Vibes ignite around 5.30 every night. Get involved.



Noisia tutorial. 40 minutes of insight on Foundation, their latest beauty with Mefjus. Need we say more?



If you’re looking for insight across every aspect of the industry from dealing with press to handling data to careers behind the scene to best ways to promote your music and all kinds of production tips, Virtual Music Conference could be an interesting place to explore. The event happened last week but all 13 hours of panels and tutorials and masterclasses are still available. Tickets are £20 and provide access to all the content and resources and all proceeds are split between organisations related to Spotify’s COVID 19 Music Relief Project and organisations related to the Black Lives Matter movement. So far they’ve raised over £8,000. Get involved.



Remix Competition 1: Impact Music are offering us the chance to remix Screamarts’ awesome Get Physical. Prizes range from a full release to mastering from Cygnus, sample packs, acoustic panels and Loopcloud subscription and even your own personal release artwork from Screamarts himself. You have until July 15. Download the stems here. Email your entry here. Follow the French donnies here.



Remix competition 2: Othercide are also running an equally hench version contest with 3RDKND member Katharsys. He’s shared the parts to two tracks from his Metallcity album – Awakened and Subsiders – and the label are looking for both D&B and hardcore entries. Prizes include a release, merch and a public shout out from the heavyweight Frenchman himself. The deadline is July 1 and you can find all the rules and stems over here.



Before you next switch on your DAW, though, spend eight minutes on this perfect philosophy from Winslow. Nothing technical, just a reminder on what’s important… Making music! Don’t worry about impressing a fractional amount of peers or comparing yourself to others or making the next big thing, just enjoy it and make something special to you. Wise words…



This week we’ve been on cave rave buzz with man like Holy Goof. Part of a new series of mixes he’s developing called ON SET, it kicks off with this raucous one-hour blend. Literally underground.



Paul T & Edward Oberon have just dropped a new mix. A grunty, shunty, barbed soul affair it’s part of Free From Sleep’s new mix series and comes with a pure message: “Some of us are dealing with the realities of partial lockdown, social distancing, rioting, and protesting… This is the world right now for lots of us, if not all of us. Let the music play loudly. Listen to this and remember why we love drum and bass music, why we love the dance and why we have the scene we have. This is for and about every one of us and for the well-being of arts and music in general – we all contribute to the things we love. Black Lives Matter and be ready to smash any system which oppresses humanity and stands in the way of equal rights. Together we soldier through to the future stomping racism, bigotry and financial oppression with every step we take. Educate those around you, Fight the good fight, Stay safe and Enjoy.” Amen!!



DJ SS’s Formation Records have launched a new mix series: Twisted Rollers. Vancouver’s Azpect takes the controls and she’s laid down 45 mins of total party gold. Heavy, feel-good, non-stop vibes. DO get it twisted.



Another new series launched in the last few weeks has been courtesy of Czech crew Gunfingers. They’ve been hosting Gun Finger Sundays sets from random locations around the Czech Republic every weekend, including hotel kitchens. Follow them for more broadcast details and check out what DJ Switch is cooking up right here…



If Goof’s cave mix has left you hungry for more subterranean sessions then look no further. Icelandic crew Volume are hosting mixes from lava caves. Recently they invited local D&B crew Hauser to provide the sounds. It went down like this…



Visionobi’s launched a new series: Drop In The Ocean. Brand new bars, it’s a deeper, contemplative take on the sign of the times. The first chapter is titled Assassin and it flows over the 2017 modern day classic Waiheke Wine Club by Foreign Concept and Halogenix. Head shot:



Starz & Deeza’s Lockdown series went international once again with a regular on this page Camo MC. Kindred spirits, the fizzy UK duo and busy NZ beardy man bust away the COVID blues with this bubbly double time jam over Origin – Chasing Funk. Vibes.



Rounding up this MC triple is Harry Shotta. Fresh up this week, he’s in full hip-hop ballad mode as Salute packs an emphatic stand against racism and his own personal celebration with everything that’s inspired him about black music. No turbo Shotta savageness here, he wants you to hear every word clearly. Salute.



Shotta’s not the only man championing the ivories this week… We all start on our D&B journey somewhere and this is how Dutch musician the Fiber Pianist is kicking off: By taking requests and instantly interpreting them on the keys. His second episode went live on Twitch earlier this week, click here for a unique two hour session of piano covers of tracks include Sub Focus & Dimension – Desire, Etherwood & Hybrid Minds – Time Is Here At Last, Calyx & Teebee’s Long Gone and this wicked take on Camo & Krooked’s classic remix of John B.


New Labels!

It looks like we’ll be coming out of lockdown a few labels richer. Three exciting imprints have launched in the last month that require a little attention. Get to know…

Get ready to Rumble! Pelikann has launched a brand new label Subspecies. “It’s a project that I’ve had in the works for a while, wanting a platform to release my music on without having to worry about the variety of styles not fitting a label’s sound,” he explains. “I’m looking forward to showing what I’ve been working on!” It kicks off with Rumble a pumping bassline riot that kicks like a donkey and bites like a bear. Rumble this…



Dexcell have launched DX Audio this month, too. We spoke to them about it last week and they told us to expect the unexpected as they explore their whole range as artists. Following the summery launch release White Roses, anything could happen…



Brighton growlsmith Nick The lot has launched a promising new label in the last month, too. Pick The Lot kicked off with a handful of freebies like the one below and is now gearing up with full releases from the teefy man himself and friends (check the soundcloud for a collab with Teej due in July – high grade business!)



Degs was back on the mic this week, inviting us into his living room with the third episode of his Degscast series. Full range of musical flavours from Dominator to Gyrofield, a few tasty looking vegan treats and a snazzy 80s shirt/afro/sideburn combo that just won’t quit. If you require anything more than that from a mix stream, you’re just greedy…



Overview Music hits sweet 16 in its podcast series and, as always, it’s packed with futurist fire. Guided by consummate host and label boss Peter Piper expect dubs galore, plenty of heat from the Overview family and a little cocktail experimentation. Bottoms up.



Finally, if your ears need a break from the beats after all those great streams and videos and tutorials and mixes, wrap your ears around the thoughtful brotherly dialogue of Ekko & Sidetrack. Thousands of miles between them but united by the power of podcast, their regular A Band Apart series is funny, reflective and spiced with a few of their early demos. This week’s covers major issues in life that we can all relate to – miserable Monday mornings and the visceral cosmic power of 2012-era Nero-flavoured dubstep. Pow.

Until next week, enjoy…