• Uncle Dugs in his wife’s dressing gown!
  • Zombie Cats ask the entire world to collaborate with them!
  • Doc Scott’s released some of his seminal classics on digital for the first time!
  • DJ EZ is back with another curve-flattening 24 hour mix mission!
  • Andy C takes us back to a classic XOYO era when the term COVID-19 just sounded like a machine part!
  • Voltage is now officially king of the streamed sets as well as on third of the roller monarchy!
  • Calibre’s created the most far-out experimental mix he’s ever put out into the world!
  • LSB & DRS have dropped Space Age Volume 3 just when the world needed it!
  • A whole tonne of drum & bass’s absolute titans have collaborated to remind us to all stay indoors and stay safe!
  • Everyone’s beginning to wish they had one last trim before lockdown!
  • Sales of Demolition Man DVDs have rocketed as everyone tries to decipher the three seashells hygiene system due to diminishing toilet roll supplies!

PLUS free tunes, free sample packs, big artists offering tuition, Bandcamp specials, mixes, podcasts, cool production things and loads of examples of people in the industry doing cool stuff to support each other and keep each other smiling. Lockdown living ain’t so bad when you consider just how much awesome stuff is happening in spite of this crisis.

We kick off with a public health service announcement from some D&B donnies…


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Don’t touch your boat!

If all world leaders warned the public the same way Benny L did on that video, everyone would have followed the rules and stayed indoors weeks ago. Corrrr. Speaking of world leaders, shadow minister MC Bassman is doing his bit for the community with regular videos and Q&As about the virus. You can email him questions at Here’s his latest care package.

Inspirational. Bassman’s got our vote.

Talking of votes, the man who’s received more Best DJ votes than most DJs put together, Andy C got us all emotional last Friday with this one…

Beautiful. You can check that whole XOYO mix right here. It’s the first of a three part series so more to look forward to there in the coming locked down weeks.

More mixes from some seriously significant artists can be found deeper in this article but first, we’re sending love to everyone affected by the earthquake in Croatia. As if a pandemic wasn’t quite enough, Zagreb also experienced the biggest earthquake the country has had in 140 years. Nausika have highlighted this awful situation with a deep, jazzy tune entitled Zagreb Nights to raise awareness and funds for Zagreb Earthquake Relief. Read more about it and how to donate here.

There have been many other thoughtful acts this week in our scene. London’s Studio 338 have set an awesome example in their reaction to the crisis. Their Music Is The Answer project is currently open for submissions from producers and designers and they’re currently looking to use the venue space and resources to help vulnerable residents in the Greenwich neighbourhood. Salute!

A similar initiative is happening in The Netherlands, as Dutch D&B event organisers Fiber are also using this sudden influx of free time to help Dutch charity Gewoon Mensen. Translating to Ordinary People, the organisation help connect elderly people with volunteers and Fiber are currently responsible for spreading the word with a 400 volunteer task force putting up posters in over 30 Dutch cities. It’s the same Fiber who presented The Fiber Pianist to the world, by the way. The man who turned Macky Gee’s Tour into an acoustic, theatrical work of art.

Calxy & TeeBee are also on a mission right now. They’re about to drop two very special tracks to raise money for the NHS here in the UK. You’d be wise to check their social media pages next week.

Another NHS hat-tip this week came from Melinki who’s offered any NHS workers free entry and a drink to any gig he’s playing when we’re allowed back out raving again. If you’re on DNB Talk you can check out the super wholesome thread here. Big up Calyx & TeeBee and Melinki but much bigger ups to all key workers on the frontline. We’d be f**ked without you!

We’d be f**ked with DJs streaming sets too right now, there are some BIG sets coming up this weekend. But first please give it up for Voltage. One of the first big leaguers to really embrace the mass online migration during this crisis and attract a massive online audience, last Saturday he comandeered the Rough Tempo studio solo and lockded down our lock down for four fiery hours. Stacked with dubs and classics alike, it was an absolute beast of mix and you can relive it all here. Voltage you certy badman.

Other badman streams we’ve clocked this week come from Original Sin and OGs Ray Keith and Doc Scott. Mrs Magoo’s B2B with her cat was a blast, too… 


DJ Streams

As more and more countries go into full lockdown and even the soggiest cookies in the jar begin to realise it’s probably best not to have house parties or congregate with your mates like usual right now, more big streams are kicking off.

Big streams like Beatport’s ReConnect. Kicking off today, Friday March 27, and rolling for 24 hours, ReConnect features artists from across the board: Toddy Terry, Bonobo, Eats Everything, Nastia and A-Trak are just a handful of the 24 acts on board. The event, in conjunction with Twitch, will be raising money for the World Health Organisation solidarity response fund and Association for Electronic Music’s hardship fund. Find out more here.

If you need an afterparty after Beatport’s 24 hour session then from 6pm GMT on Saturday March 28, DJ EZ is doing a second 24 hour mix session on Boiler Room to raise money for My Kind Deed. His last marathon mix raised over £60,000 for Cancer Research, so this is a big one. “This is a challenging time for us all with so much uncertainty right now,” says EZ who also donated his Australian tour fees to relief aid for the recent bush fires. “This is my support to bring hope to a bleak time and to hopefully shine the light on how kindness matters above all else.” EZ you absolute G. Head to the Boiler Room here.

If you need a break from the 24 hour UKG session on Saturday night then Lockdown DNB have the spice: Sub Zero, Ben Snow, Ego Trippin and Paul T & Edward Oberon will be holding court from their own isolated spaces from 8pm GMT. Lock in to Lockdown DNB

These are just four of many streams happening over the weekend. Looking further ahead, Tobax will launch his own streaming concept and website on Friday April 3: Russian Roulette comes with the clear message ‘Stay at home and listen to drum & bass’ and it kicks off with a two hour mix from the man himself. Give the roulette a little spin.

Then April 4 sees a massive online bash in the form of VR Rave. Kicking off 6pm GMT, the line-up is already looking tastier than a two-week stash of lockdown snacks. Man like IMANU is headlining alongside fellow Rotterdammers Hebbe and Ancient Radius member ALSO. Other acts include Alpha Zoo, Beau Zwart, Don De Baron & LV Strong, Jahua and Nicon. Tickets go on sale March 28 and all proceeds are split between the artists. The first big bass-related VR event we’ve seen during the crisis and we suspect we’ll see more. As VR Rave state in the blurb themselves: “In virtual reality you don’t have to worry about a virus. You can be free here. Join us.”

Hey, when life feels like a dystopian movie, you might as well talk like one….


Production stuff!

Beats are firing off left, right, centre as more and more artists find themselves in isolation or lockdown and artists are finding more interesting and unique ways to collaborate and get inspired…

Mitekiss, for example, has recently started something called Rhythm Roulette where he picks three people at random from his Discord channel to submit a random song to sample and he has to make a tune out of them. Watch the progress on his Twitch channel.

Zombie Cats, meanwhile, want to collaborate with the world! Their project is called We | Versus | Virus and any producer can submit parts to it and get credited. The closing date is April 7 and here’s how you can get involved…

There’s been some great sample pack action this week, too. Swiss dons QZB have just opened up their secret vault of sounds and will be selling their own unique sample packs for £5 every fortnight. Visit their site here for more information (and if you sign up to their newsletter you get a bootleg too)

Sl8r has also put together two sample packs and is selling them on his Bandcamp. One dedicated to synths and pads, the other dedicated to those disgusting bass noises he’s become known for in recent years. They’re yours for a tenner a piece and sound a bit like this…

Aperio, meanwhile, has just dropped a big wedge of his own unique parts for free. The idea is to simply to spread smiles and keep inspiration flowing in the community. You can download it here and catch a vibe below.

Looking for feedback on your tune from one of the most intense production brains in Groningen? Look no further than Fre4knc. When time and commitments allow, he’ll be spending a few hours every Friday afternoon providing feedback on productions. We know today’s session got booked up very quickly but hit him up and see what’s possible in the future.

There are many more tuition opportunities from the professionals out there. Vowel, Nvrsoft and Liondub have all offered their services to aspiring artists this week….

Knowledge is power!

There’s been some great resources out there this week for artists in terms of monetising and access to funds during these challenging times…

Splice have put together an incredible index of organisations, bodies, charities and groups across the world who are dedicated to helping creatives during times of crisis and hardship. With information on platforms to use, tutorial sites and so much more, it’s like one of these Anti-Virus articles but less puns and gully bangers and more actual information. Big love to Splice, read the full piece here (once you’re done with this article of course)

UK royalties and collection service PRS have also launched the PRS Emergency Relief Fund. Open to all musicians who’ve been a member for two or more years and have earned more than £500 through collections, the relief fund could potentially provide grants of up to £1000. Based on assessment, find out more here and keep and eye on those t’s and c’s.

Massive shouts need to go to Germany’s government, too. This week has seen them announce a hench €50 billion relief fund for their arts and creative industries. Achtung baby.

Free Tunes!

Fire in the bloodclart hole! Born On Road have dropped a severe halftime rolling jam this week. Napes remixes Aries, Gold Dubs, Bevan & Andy Sim’s Chem Trails and the results are so grubby you’ll be washing your hands even more than already are! Boat touching business…

Not content with launching their Patreon account last Friday, The Prototypes also dropped their most recent bootleg behemoth: Fisher’s Losing It. The secret weapon for only a handful of top guys, it’s now yours for no beans whatsoever…

Sticking with the bootleg flavour, the Koherent lads have put a big smile on our faces this week with this delectable twist on the 2004 Teedra Moses R&B classic Be Your Girl. Soulful, steppy and as warm and sunny as the weather is outside. Shout out to the garden owning massive. This is your time right now.

Looking for some proper pranged out 140 dark arts? Look no further than Strategy. The Manny polymath is on the brink of dropping his biggest vocal project to date but in the meantime, he’s dropped two heavyweight deep cuts Money Loop and Duppy Season. They’re up for any price you like and you can check them here…



Bandcamp’s revenue levy last Friday was a huge success as over $4 million was spent on independent music in 24 hours. This week hasn’t quite as much new action on there but there’s still be some great self-releases and old classics uploaded.

Doc Scott wins Bandcamp release of the week for us with this crucial collection of seminal cuts he created between 94-2001. £5.99 for 10 classics, some of which have never seen the digital light of day…. Scotty’s been very transparent about his lack of actual doctor qualifications but, like his qualified namesakes in the NHS, he is definitely a hero.


Wingz has launched a Bandcamp page recently. It kicks off with a brazen new tune Shutdown. All rumbly and tubular, it’s yours for less than the price of a decent coffee that you’re not able to go out for right now. He’s also put together an album-sized wedge of his previous free downloads which you can check here.

140 murksmith Pressa has put up two brucked-up rave jams this week, too. Brought back from the brink of hard drive obscurity, the Almost Lost Dubs were made around 2008 but still pack a relevant punch 12 years later. Don’t listen to us, listen to the tunes…

Usually spotted hurling out filth on the likes of Ram and Technique, Covert Garden has jumped over to Bandcamp this week with an interesting left-turn to his usual sound. Unhurried, deep with a touch of soul but still laced with tension. Bit like these modern times.


Finally, it’s been a beautiful week for mixes as more and more DJs find time to craft something genuinely thoughtful and special.

LSB & DRS dropped Space Age Vol 3 this week and hit the nail on the head perfectly in terms of vibe, mood and lyrical content. If you need a little uplift or want a reminder we’re all in this together then this mix will soothe those lockdown blues.

Mitekiss is back with a fresh new Mitekiss podcast. An hour of beautifully crafted, soulfully touched drum & bass from the man himself plus man like Hugh Hardie, this is time very well spent…

Times are so strange even Calibre has served up a rare online mix. 33 minutes of far-out sonic adventures, it’s a collage of ambient, Foley sounds and experimental pieces laced with a few of his own bits. Weird times call for thought provoking music. Welcome to a whole new rabbit hole…

Stompz has started a new mix series: The Virus mix. Volume 1 went up this week and will be followed by more very soon. A full-on bassline / roller bombardment loaded with loads of ID nuggets from the Newcastle artist himself, our only complaint is that it’s far too short… Let’s hope these strange lockdown days will have the same effect.

Finally, if lockdown longness is still driving you crazy then spend a little time doing Maduk’s emoji quiz. 120 tracks and artists all ready and waiting for you to decypher them, this should take up a few hours of your time… And there are prizes for lucky winners, too. Good luck!

That’s it for this week’s Anti Virus update. Once again, it only scratches the surface. There is so much exciting music and positive actions happening as a result of these unprecedented times. Let’s keep that spirit alive and continue supporting each other and making each other smile. The next Anti-Virus feature will be Friday April 3. Please hit up if you’re doing something that would be relevant to this feature series and we’ll try and shout about as much stuff as we can.

Stay in, stay inspired, stay safe.