More persistent than a 5G conspiracy theory. More viral than Patient 31. A lot more truth than a Tory party press conference… It’s the UKF Anti-Virus, back once again with another chunkified list of lockdown distractions. As always, mad appreciation for every artist, label, brand and individual doing bits to keep each other smiling, keep us all indoors and keep everyone creatively motived.

The bass community’s mass onlining is still in full effect and folk are doing bits to keep spirits high and, in some cases, do bits for the community, too.

Bits like this…

Massive shouts to Calyx & TeeBee. All proceeds of Skank VIP and Ghetto VIP will go direct to the NHS soldiers on the frontline. The tracks are absolute fire, too. Get involved.

There’s been loads of love for the UK’s National Health Service this week. D&BTV launched their new Locked In concept with A.M.C on Wednesday night. As you’d expect from the Titan bossman, his ENERGY mix tore the home-raving massive a new one, all the while raising money for Cavell Nurses’s Trust that helps healthcare works when they’re suffering personal or financial hardship. You can check the full mix here…

More NHS love can be found at Hospital Records. They’ve remixed their classic NHS branded t-shirts and will be donating 100% of the proceeds to the Wellness Centres at Kings College Hospital. Find out more and grab your tee here.

Another hugely significant NHS support drive also launched this week is the Stay At Home Festival. Taking place Easter Weekend April 10-12, the event aims to raise £10,000 for the Association of NHS Charities and with the line-up their wielding we reckon they’ll do it. Phase one alone includes the likes of Amoss, AC13, Arkaik, Benny V, Context Audio, DJ Hybrid, DJ Profile, Grey, Jappa, Klinical, KY, Leaf, Melinki, Nomine, Simula, Uprise Audio, Visionobi & Specone and there’s plenty more to come. Full event details here.

Not NHS-related but another massive Stay At Home project that’s been announced this week came from SaSaSaS. They’ve set up a remix competition and will be offering cash prizes for the winners. The track in question is Where The Drumz At, all styles of music are welcome, the closing date is June 1 and the winner will receive £300 as well as get their remix released on the band’s label. Visit their website for the stems and full entry details.

Not entirely covid-19 related but massively relevant, a new compilation has been announced in recent weeks by Beats In Mind, a new online community group dedicated to offering support, information and help for those suffering mental health issues. The group launched earlier this year and Heads Bass Vol 1 is the first big project. The full release lands April 24 and will feature tracks from the likes of HLZ, Trex, Chris.SU, Facing Jinx, Loz Contreras, Winslow and many more. So far they’ve dropped three teasers. Here’s one from rising US maestro Winslow and emerging deepsmith Pyxis

On the subject of mental health, exercise has never been more important than it is now but with many of us missing our regular gym sessions or team sports, it’s been hard to find motivation. HIIT, a drum & bass specific program, is a highly recommended alternative to your usual workout. Frequent hiitters at clubs like Motion and events like Let It Roll, all training programmes are based at 170 and really put you through your paces. HIIT founder Libby trains the likes of Turno, Gino, Charlotte Haining and Tempza, check out her Patreon and see if she can train you.




The streaming situation is beginning to look as a crowded as the summer festival schedule with more and more acts putting together proper shows and concepts. As we mentioned above with A.M.C’s powerful launch mix, D&BTV Locked In kicked off this week and promise regular shows of all varieties twice a week. Hot on the heels of A.M.C at 8pm GMT is a killer mix from Philth & Visionobi. Taken from Philth’s recent Moments In Time album launch, it’s highly recommended and you can catch it here.

Shogun Audio have also been flexing back to different moments in time lately with their From The Vaults series which streams every Friday from 7.30pm GMT. Last week they took us back to Phonox with a b2b2b2b2b between Pola & Bryson, GLX and Technimatic while this Friday, April 3, will see them hosting two massive sets from 2008 as they go back their old stomping ground The End with sets from dBridge with MC ID and Doc Scott B2B Randall!?! Tune in right here.

In fact Friday we’re spoilt for choice… Austria’s Drum Army crew will be hosting a 3 hour session from 7pm CET. Drum Army have been making commendable moves at the new-gen forefront and their stream will be no exception as Smuskund, Felix Raymon and Mryvs will all be playing on this this here Twitch channel.

Friday nights 9pm also belong to Intrigue’s Collette Warren & Ben Soundscape. For two hours every week during lockdown the Intrigue page will be beaming Bristol into our homes via a live stream from the couple. It kicked off last week and each weekly show will have a different theme or concept to keep things fresh. This week is black and white. Join them here.

OR join another D&B couple from 9pm tonight as Rupture’s Mantra & Double O are also holding things down from the homefront with a three hour session to console those who would have been heading to their cancelled bash at Corsica Studios. Tune in. 


Your Saturday raving plan kicks off 6pm sharp GMT as Lockdown Streamfest rolls out 6 hours of jungle and breaks. The line-ups are high in vibe nutrients as Kelvin 373, Aries, DJ Dazee, Euphonique, Selecta J-Man, Exposure, JFB and many more stream direct from their homes to yours via their artist pages. They’ll be raising money to be split between the artists and Age UK charity, full info can be found here.

The Hospitality House Party is back again this Saturday too. Kicking off at 9pm GMT, this time recorded live sets from Bop & Tempza, Etherwood & SPMC and Urbandawn & Ruthless will all be rolling out. Rock the house.

Also on Saturday from 4pm EST, the QVLQV in the US will host another Quaranstream rave with the likes of Legion, Nvrsoft, Glitch City, Isael, Micep, Jay Vega, Sashha, Noface Souljah and Havok all locking down their isolated areas.


Looking ahead to Sunday April 5, the Drum & Bass Awards 2000 has moved online as a result of the pandemic. They’ll be revealing the winners at 8pm GMT on Rough Tempo and hosting streamed sets from Rene LaVice, Harriet Jaxxon and Horizon. Check it out live on the Rough Tempo page.

Also on Sunday April 5 is a Roni Size set recorded live from EXIT Festival 2015. Streaming on the EXIT Facebook page from 8.20pm CET, it’s a fine way to end a weekend of home raving. If you’re into techno then check out the EXIT stream tonight at the same time as a Carl Cox & Green Velvet set from 2009 will be rolling out. Have a peep.

Next week

Looking ahead to next week, on Monday Futurebound will be linking up with Bassrush for an At Home With Futurebound. Kicking off at 6pm GMT he promises plenty of unreleased music from the forthcoming Bassrush 4.0 album.

And on Thursday Ivy Lab are hosting their own weekly events. Focussing on hip-hop inspired electronica and all the cool experimental stuff they champion, Twenty Twenty Global kicked off last night and runs at 6pm PST, 9pm EST, 2am GMT every Thursday night. Thursday 9 is all about Om Unit, Huxley Anne, Mike Gao and Jon1st. Pay attention.



Once again there’s been plenty of inspiration for producers of all levels. With many major league artists offering their tuition services and mixdown advice it’s never been a better time to get high grade advice off some proper pros. Recent additions to this include…

Commix. He’s been busy building up his sample packs and developing his own music tuition service. His latest pack is a focus on the classic Think Break, it goes for just £7 and 10 percent of proceeds will go to AgeUK, a charity dedicated to helping the elderly during the pandemic. Check out what’s on offer and have a long hard think about things…

More sample pack goodness comes courtesy of Mob Tactics. Fresh from their recent single Pure X comes this pure fire sample pack. Have a blast on the sounds in their video below and cop it direct on their Bandcamp page.

Further sample pack solace can be found courtesy of Deep In The Jungle who’ve put together a gargantuan package of samples and sounds that’s up for grabs on their Bandcamp page.

Enjoy making music but need a reminder to wash your hands and upkeep the anti-covid hygiene? Then you need the new free VST plug-in Wash Your Hands from Audio Saucery. A brand new audio firm launching on April 20, their site sets up their stall with equal measures of wit, sarcasm and justice. Pay them a visit and sign up for more details.

As well as the above-listed remix competition with SaSaSaS, Overview have also announced rather hench opportunity for all emerging producers. They’re inviting artists to remix their first ever release – Gran Calavera’s Fin Asbolute – and there’s a whole stack of goodies in return, including, of course, a release on the label. The closing date is April 30 and you can find out more and download all the parts right here. The label have also set up a Patreon account this week offering all kinds of perks from monthly dubs to exclusive tees to management and artist advice. Check it.

Watch out for artists just randomly shotting out tips, too. Serum, as always, has been a fountain of truth and honest. He’s been sharing all kinds of motivational ideas in the last weeks. DJ Coda’s Instagram is similarly filled with techy titbits. See here…


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Isolation Studio Tips No.4 ?‍? Compression – anyone who knows me knows I don’t really like using compression. I’ve avoided it where possible, unless using live instruments, partly because I never really got it. The two things that really made me click with compression where having a hardware unit (I find you can feel what it’s doing more and you can control more than one setting at a time, unlike with a mouse) and something Gregory Scott from @thehouseofkush said on their Happy Funtime Podcast – using compression as a groove control. Just that change in how I approached compression changed me and now I often use it on the drum bus soo…. hopefully some useful tips here for someone! Also, do check out the UBK Podcast as it’s a font of tips and tricks! #producertips #studiotips #studio #producer #soundengineer #mixengineer #mixdown #dnb #jungle #house #edm #hiphop #techno #electronicmusic #music #tips #learn #isolation

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Following Bassman’s empowering lockdown videos, Skibadee has been a great source of entertainment online this week. On Monday he spent an hour vibing out and pulling incredible bass faces to tunes fans sent him in the live chat while Wednesday saw him drop a while ne routine. Complementing the subdued lockdown vibe, this isn’t a fast lane hype flex. You’d be barking mad not to check it…

Harriet Jaxxon has also started up a video series. This week saw her interviewing two Newcastle young donnies Nectax and Skantia in one episode and longstanding D&B artist Liz-E in another. Both videos cover all kinds of topics as they explore the creative process and share tips on surviving these weirder-than-weird chapter of our lives. Here’s the latest with Liz-E, head to Harriet’s Facebook for more.

Ever wondered about using Bitwig but fear change? Check this cheeky three minute mini mix from one of Dossa & Locuzzed (we’re not sure which one, we don’t know them well enough to recognise them by their hands) as they subvert and blend 34 tracks using Bitwig and a controller. Pretty neat…



Sl8r – It’s You

Fresh from his sample pack uploads the other week, Manchester’s Sl8r lays down a mellow slice of lockdown soul. Just the right side of melancholy.

Blendss & Qua Rush – Slow

Maintaining the barbed soul vibe, this one from Italians Blendss and Qua Rush is a real dreamer too…

Blackbear – Hot Girl Bummer (n0isemakeR bootleg)

A shiny springy way of singing ‘fuck you’ to covid-19, n0isemakeR gives  Blackbear’s sweary 2019 summer hit a liquid makeover…

Melinki & Critical Event – Wanna Be

Deep space steppery from Melinki and Atomatix Records co-founder Critical Event, courtesy of Melinki’s Four Corners. Once again, we’re on a deep tip here. There’s something in the lockdown vibe.

Guzi – Faith

More gilded introspective magic… This time from Sub-liminal artist Guzi.  Serious socially distanced sunset feels.

The Weeknd – What You Need (Brainwork Bootleg)

The Weeknd has recently been dabbling with D&B so it seems fitting his evergreen breakthrough track What You Need is given a 170 twist… And rising Aussie artist Brainwork  has been the man to do it.



Randall absolutely smashed his Rinse Isolation session this week. Keep an ear out for some very tasty dubs including Skeppy mix of Shy FX. Can’t see his face, balaclava…

Lockdown ruffness has reach such high levels of intensity even Break has unleashed a rare studio mix. Again, dubs galore…

Hyperactivity Music’s Vici has uploaded a mix with a twist. Not just an hour+ of superb, sleek aerodynamic D&B but also part of an initiative with fellow French promoters Exoria to raise money for homeless people in France. If you think you’ve got it bad being on lockdown, imagine being on lockdown with nowhere to actually lockdown to? Vici’s mix was part of live stream earlier this week but he’s uploaded it with more details on the project and how to get involved.

And the award for the sweariest podcast of the week goes to Klinical. Patterns 01 went live at the start of the week and will hopefully mark the start of a very healthy series. Expect his signature deep minimal grooves and plenty of potty mouthed pithy observations. It’s what the world needs right now.

Wondered what Black Barrel sounds like at 140? Wonder no more, he’s just revealed his new dubstep alias Leo Cap and it’s just as bumping as his 170 business. Check this and look out for an EP under this alias very soon…

Diffrent are celebrating 10 years of boundary breaking throughout the next few months. Home of Lakeway, Brand New Trumpets, Fearful, Arkaik and so many more talented rule-melters, bossman Dexta kicks off the celebrations of this two hour mix that digs deep into the Diffrent vaults back to release 000.

Many of the Diffrent crew and their allies have been also been involved in the Corona War Dubs series. Lakeway fired the first shots and it’s now sitting at 16 absolute gully mothercrushers from the likes of Crypticz, Moresounds, Mani Festo and many more. As you’d expect from such a concept, there are some gritty pieces of work right here…

Need to calm down after those war dubs? Blu Mar Ten have you covered with this beguiling 25 min experimental blend that explores all the deliciously unclassified areas between genres. We don’t know the tracklist but we’re willing bet our last lockdown snack stashes that there’s a whole lot of Conduct dubbage in here. Stunning.

Liquid/soulful artist usually spotted on Random Movement’s Flight Pattern label r0hmz has also delved into something deeper recently. Here’s Title Memories, Season 1, a whole album of dreamy downtempo bliss seamlessly flowing like a mix. Languid, unhurried, woozy – another fitting soundtrack to these strange times.


More and more artists are setting up Patreon programs and engaging their closest appreciators on a whole new level. From exclusive tracks to production tips and even 1-1 tuition, here’s what we’ve found this week…

From giving us the Antidote, Amoss has set up a Patreon account with two tiers. Aimed at aspiring producers, there’s a whole stack of soundbanks and tutorials on offer for subscribers.


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Waeys is also a new kid on the Patreon block. His program has three tiers and includes dubs, tutorials and even custom-made samples for each patreon!

NC-17 has taken a different approach to his Patreon. It’s just a straight-up one-tier subscription that covers everything from releases on his Grindhouse label to various remixes, VIPs, dubs, unreleased tunes, alternate versions and so much more.

L 33 has launched a Patreon account this week, too. What’s nice here is that there’s a difference between subscriptions for music fans and fans who are aspiring producers. Get involved in the top tier and he’ll even assist with mastering. Here’s a taster of his exclusive tracks…

Last but not least, emerging UK artist Tentronic is also offering stems, samples, production advice and all kinds of exclusive content with his Patreon account. Check him out.

And finally…

Thanks for making it all the way to end. To sign out, wholesome shouts go to Bristol’s Exposure. Earlier this year the AR Records bossman made a track called Changes where all proceeds go to the Australian Red Cross bush fire disaster appeal. Earlier this week he received a handwritten letter from none other than David Attenborough.

We always knew Attenborough was a jungle guy deep down. He’s explored enough of them. Until next week, keep your spirits up and let us know what you’re doing to deal with these unprecedented times by emailing

Stay in. Stay inspired.