UKF ANTI-VIRUS #5 (Free Downloads Edition)

The Anti-Virus is back once again to mark another week of weirdness, make threatening remarks about a virus we can’t see but totally hate, praise all key workers on the frontline and list a whole load of cool things happening online during lockdown.

This one has a special focus on free downloads. With most of us feeling the pinch financially, and even more of us feeling pretty pissed off that this is happening during a particularly gorgeous spell of spring weather, we’ve set out to refill playlists, juice-up radars and provide musical relief with a whole stack of free downloads.

Some are given away free to keep spirits up during these seemingly endless lockdown blues, some just happen to be free anyway. Either way, they should provide a little distraction over the next week.

Other distractions this week include…

Stay At Home Festival: Kicking off Friday and rolling all the way through to Sunday, this NHS fundraiser is one of the biggest streamed D&B event so far. The monster line-up includes Sub Zero, AC13, Trex, Jappa, Collette Warren & Ben Soundscape, Amoss, Kelvin 373 and many more. Any proceeds made from donations will go direct to the soldiers on the frontline. We spoke to the organisers earlier this week, find out more right here.

XOYO launch for #ClubForOurCarers: Fancy five hours of Calibre XOYO gold? Look no further as XOYO have launched an awesome new campaign to raise money for the NHS Together charity. Exclusive mixes from the club’s extensive residency series will be uploaded each week and those who donate will receive them ahead of everyone else. It kicks off with sets from Calibre’s residency last year with Fabio, DJ Marky and MCs Fats and GQ. Get involved.

A Sine Of Relief: This escalated quickly. London label Sine only announced this project just over two weeks ago and already it’s a whole album… A Sine Of Relief is a charity album which raises funds for both NHS and mental health charity Mind. After reaching out for contributors, they’ve recruited a stately collection comprising the likes of Villem, Mark Dinimal, Trex, Kusp, Wingz, Objectiv, Revan, Arkoze, Qua Rush, Solsan and so many more. The album is out April 17 for just £8 and you can cop Invadhertz – Lonely right now.


Chase & Status front man Rebel Clash (aka Rage) has designed a merch range to raise money for NHS. Available via the RTRN site, 100% of proceeds will go to NHS Charities Together. They look dope and are available via the links below…

Doc Scott has also been raising money for various frontline charities. His weekly Saturday night streams have become a regular fixture for many over the last few weeks with 50% of any donations made during the stream going to a select charity each week. Last Saturday he and his fans raised over £220 to go towards meals for NHS staff. This week it’s for Coventry Haven Women’s Aid. Join him at 8pm UK time this Saturday via his Facebook.

Another NHS fund-raising stream this Saturday comes courtesy of bassline OG Jamie Duggan. He’s been hosting weekly streams in the last few weeks and is levelling up this Saturday, April 11, with a monster 15 hour session that will cover the entire UKG / UK bass spectrum. It kicks off midday UK time and rolls right through to 3am and all money raised through donations will go to NHS Charities Together. Duggan has also stated he’ll be giving away 500 tickets to his gigs for any NHS staff once the pandemic is over. Join him this Saturday via the links below.

Looking further ahead The Prototypes are also streaming to raise money for NHS Charities Together. As we reported earlier this week, the Brighton duo will be sharing duties between their two bases over 24 hours, digging deep and representing the full drum & bass spectrum. It kicks off April 17, 7pm UK time. Join the 24 hour party people.


NHS fund-raising tunes

Ben Snow – Frequency (Ft Banditt)

Proper low-end slinkery from Snow right here. Banditt on spoken word bars, 50% of all proceeds going to NHS. Feel the frequencies…


Sampha – Too Much (Cardinal Sound Bootleg)

Sampha’s smouldering soul gets a very tasteful D&B treatment from rising talent Cardinal Sound right here and all money will go to NHS charities.


Other distractions…

As lockdown longness continues, more artists are finding different ways to entertain themselves and find ways to give new talent a break. Cool things that have interested us lately include…

Saxxon’s Double Drop Challenge. He picks the tune you need to double into, you record it and he shares the best with the public picking a winner. This week has been all about his Sergio Mendes-sampling Latino VIP and the many tunes you can whip in on that drop. The results are endless, and awesome. Check them here and keep your eye out for his next challenge…

Holland’s High Tea Music are also on a talent drive with their Tea Time Talent Show. Hosted every other Sunday night, they play some of their favourite demos they’ve been sent from aspiring artists and give live feedback to each entrant before picking a winner who will release on High Tea Music. Each show they’re joined by fellow top ranking artist. The last show featured Katie Koven. Tune in this Sunday 6pm UK time for the next Tea Time Talent show to see who will join them this week…


Free Downloads

We actually set out to unearth a cheeky covid clutch of 19 free downloads but got carried away and lost count so here are 26, including two albums. Those looking for new artists to get on before everyone else, this is your time. New-generation are repping hard…

Busta Rhymes – Woo Hah!! (Conrab Subs Bootleg)

While we wait for Busta Rhymes to do a special coronavirus update on his classic Put Your Hands Up Where I Can See with a few bars on washing your hands not touching your face, Conrad Sub’s got us all in check with this very cheeky bootleg. Woo and indeed hah.


Creatures – Visible (Ft Bluejay)

Rebel Music’s Creatures teams up with Bristol MC Bluejay for a slinky stinky roll-out that’s dedicated to all those missing the drums and the bass. That’ll be all of us, then.


Diagnostix – Tactical Nuke

For those moments when you just need to clear your mind of all thoughts and worries, Diagnostix steps forth with a dizzying range of putrid bass noises and textures. When you’re done with that, check his Ikea mixes on his Soundcloud for more uncompromising low-end danger.


Division – Sensitive

Previously spotted on the likes of Incurzion, Lifestyle and Delta9, Austrian monster Division lays down a stern slab of technoid D&B. Weighty!


GAW – Dutchie (Crossy Rework)

It might be 4/20 all month this year but with social distancing at an all time high, there’ll be no Dutchie passing for now. But there will be plenty of free downloads like this Crossy rework of GAW’s popular Musical Youth bootleg. This one comes courtesy of Onyx, the team behind this weekend’s Stay At Home Festival. Pass it on!


 Habit – Kaboom

New Zealand veteran Habit lays down some serious perilous glitchy swing business here. In its artwork, its dynamic and its title Kaboom pretty much sums up what many of us are feeling mentally as we get closer to a whole month of lockdown.


J Hus – Big Conspiracy (Gray Bootleg)

Forget the 5G plots, the only Big Conspiracy we need right now comes direct from Born On Road’s Gray as he takes J Hus’s most recent single and giving it a stripped back uncomplicated D&B twist. Big.


Jappa & Teej

Dropped earlier last month to celebrate 9,000 followers, Jappa & Teej get smellier than ever with this groaning blast-up of the Patra classic Romantic Call. Feel the love…


Jorja Smith – Wandering Love (Nixon Remix)

Smouldering sunset soul from Bristol’s Nixon as he provides a fresh D&B take on Jorja Smith’s Lost & Found beauty from a few years ago. Feels.


Kleu – Bad Nan

Badman with a Bad Nan; Kleu captures our shared incredulousness at panic buying shit ticket addicts with this savage sweary sizzler. You don’t slap your nan when Kleu cooks up a banger, your nan slaps YOU.


Law & Wheeler – Chemtrail / Quattro

Is that a Chemtrail in the sky or a big fat poodle’s leg line of 5G? Neither… It’s a grizzly doublet of neck-snappers from Repertoire’s Law & Wheeler. Chemtrail is as dark and pranged out as the title while Quattro is all cosmic, technoid and fluid. Both are great, both are yours for whatever price you can pay…


Loto x Teks

Savage laser jump-up business from two young UK talents Loto and Teks. Serious unapologetic grot. Bit like ol’ covid-19 himself.


Lupo – Solitude

Born On Road / Gyro soldier Lupo’s dropped a few freebies this month. With its swinging drums and layers of alien bass, Solitude is a stand-out and he cooked it up especially for all of us adhering to the lockdown. Remember, it’s only true solitude if you’re following proper social distancing rules. Otherwise it’s just sparkling ignorance. Big up Lupo.


Medusa – Sound Culture

Released to highlight his debut EP on Engage Audio, Medusa’s Sound Culture is an absolute dream of a roll-out. Subtle, purring, stripped back, soaked in subs. The only problem is you’ll be pining for a big system to hear it in its fullest. Powerful tune.


Monkia – The Chimera (Low:r Remix)

Another gem from NZ, this time polishes and repurposed by Fokuz/Galacy affiliate Low:r. Deep, dreamy, immersive. Yours for nothing, no catch whatsoever.


Motiv – Skimmer

It’s high time someone wrote a tune about the ancient art of throwing flat stones across water and watching them bounce across it, props to Motiv for stepping up. Proper grumbly dark bass business, skim when you’re winning.


No Patterns – Games

Fresh from his recent outing on Monk Audio (which came with another great free download – Rumble) rising young UK talent No Patterns served up Games a few weeks back with no other reason but to add a little cheer in a confusing world. With its sultry jazzy voice and swampy heavyweight bass, it certainly hits the spot.


Nooch – Rhino

Rhino by name, elephantine by nature, Ransaked Records owner Nooch lays down some authentic Bristol bass brutalism. Get horny…


Redlight – 9TS Baby (Disrupta Bootleg)

Calling all 90s babies! Redlight’s quirky bass house jam from 2014 gets an update from the ever-disruptive Disrupta. Let’s party like it’s 1990 (when there was no such thing as COVID-19)


Screamarts – Mystique

Austrian Screamarts has been a consistent source of killer free downloads for a while now and these lockdown times are certainly no exception: Mystique is tense, eerie and heavy… And yet another reason to keep your eyes on him.


Sizzla – Solid As A Rock (Dunk Bootleg)

Sizzla’s 2002 reggae cut gets a total subversion from Jam Thief Dunk. Stripped back to the bassline and little guitar washes and vocal clips, this ain’t no lazy bootleg business, it’s a slam-dunking Dunk slammer.


Stillz & Willers – Dispatch

Wielding a bassline so nasty you need to self quarantine for two weeks without even showing any covid symptoms, UK south coast duo Stillz & Willers were responsible for Pick N Mix’s monthly free download last month. A seriously toxic creeper it is, too.


Twisted Individual – Fart

Twisted Individual adds a whole new twist to the idea of a stinker right here with the playfully-titled Fart. Check it for the smelly bassline action, stay for that beautiful flutey sample.


V/A – Ragga Bombs 2020

A 10-track stack of skank-packed jams from Slovakian collective Ragga Bombs. Featuring the likes of Liondub, Jamie Bostron, Veak, each cut is splashed with a little rootiscal magic and some of them absolutely destroy things. Go straight to Rise’s remix of Johnny Osbourne’s Ice Cream Love and hear why.


V/A – Uplifting Recovery LP

Why just give away one tune when you can give away an entire album? Brand new Nottingham label Encrypted have done just that this week with Uplifting Recovery, a 15 track album loaded with fresh talent and a whole range of sounds, given away with “the sole purpose of making isolation easier to cope with.” A proper harvest for those hungry for new people to follow and support, there’s hours of digging to be done from this album.


Warhead – Green Crack

Pure jazzy business as Preston’s Warhead doffs his cap to the sticky stuff with Green Crack. Watch out for the spots where it melts in tempo. Subtly trippy.