UKF Anti-Virus #7

More hot air and pent-up rage than a Trump-powered anti-lockdown protest! More hype and joy than a Noisia farewell tour extension! More histrionics than a completely pointless UK / NZ D&B squabble… It’s the UKF Anti-Virus.

Back with another collection of sick streams, mixes, downloads, tutorials, fund-raising activities and news from all bass quarters to distract us all from pandemic purgatory… The type of weird existence Koherent capture neatly right here.


Read on as we navigate the lockdowns and lockups, the furloughs and furhighs of this seemingly never-ending experience…


FOUR massive charity D&B albums have all dropped this week

It’s all kicking off in album land as four serious V/A D&B collections have all dropped totally independently this week. Largely fronted by exciting new-generation artists, between them they reflect a really positive peak into future D&B. All proceeds go to a variety of charities.


Ramp-Up The NHS: The Album

24 bangers for a fiver right here: Bristol’s Ramp Up crew have recruited an army of murkers for this collection. Ranging from 90s OGs Suv, Danny Styles and Big Bud to V newcomers Think Tonk and Beat Merchants via the likes of K Jah, Chopstick Dubplate, Jaxx & Mythz, this is a mighty collection.


A Sine Of Relief

We’ve shouted this a few times. This 23 track bounty from Sine landed exclusively on Bandcamp last Friday and is now out on all platforms. Serious heat from the likes of Villem, Trex, Mark Dinimal, Wreckless, Qua Rush, Kusp and loads more. All proceeds go to NHS and Mind.


Rebel One

As we featured yesterday, Rebel Music have recruited an exciting troupe of rising talent for their first ever V/A compilation. With tracks from all Hadley, Creatures, RMS, Taelimb, NC-17, Kolectiv and so many more, Rebel One adds to the fire the label has been burning since they launched last year.


Headsbass Volume 1

We’ve shouted this one a few times as they’ve been revealing the tracks throughout April, Headsbass Volume 1 is out today and it’s another exciting collection from a broad spectrum of talents. HLZ, Trex, Virtue, Facing Jinx, Los Contreras & Collette Warren, Furney & Lady Emz, Pyxis and many more. Brought to you by new community group Beats In Mind, all proceeds go towards mental health charities. Watch out for a full interview with organiser Pyxis on UKF next week. Join the community.


And if that’s not enough fund-raising D&B goodness, Rene LaVice & A Plus have released Lockdown today. Out on Rene’s recently launched label Device, all proceeds go to Royal Free Charity. It goes like this:


Another interesting tune that’s been released purely to raise funds for the NHS is from Full Cycle artist Unkut. He’s teamed up with vocalist Mizbee for the soaring, emotional blazer Angels Calling. Donate and download via Bandcamp




Firstly, maximum shouts to The Prototypes. They raised over £12,000 for NHS Charities Together with their D&BTV Locked In 24 hour marathon. Smashing their £2500 target many times over, the show was an absolute vibe throughout as the pair dug deep into their collections and took us on a serious trip. Absolute Gs and a remarkable feat.

Another collective of high fund raising Gs are set to return next month, too… Following this month’s £18,000+ raising event, Stay At Home Festival returns next month for another marathon session from May 8 – 10. This time they’ll be raising money for another essential charity Age UK. We’re looking forward to this one.

In other news, D&BTV are also launching a listing function on the site where you can submit your live stream information or find out what’s happening elsewhere online. Submit your listings here and find out a few of the many online things happening here…


Friday April 24

D&BTV Locked In sees Kyrist holding court from her Bristol quarters from 8pm UK time. Expect dubs and flame grilled bangers galore. Tune in on her Facebook or D&BTV’s main portal.


Changing Faces will also be streaming his set from last week’s Special Place live stream. The set premieres from 7.30 pm UK time tonight on YouTube and will be online thereafter.


Alternatively, you could barge right into you home-raving weekend with a fabulous burst of 80s flavour. John B will be performing the first of two sets this weekend, live from his own home with his own green screen. Kicking off 7pm UK time, dress to impress!


A little later at 9pm UK time, Ben Snow is about to put an interesting twist on live streaming with a virtual b2b complete with MC. It’s live, it’s Ben Snow, Disrupta and Haribo on mic. We’re really not sure how this is going to work, but we’re excited to find out…


Saturday April 25

Kick off with a cook off; Steve Kielty AKA Masterchef finalist kitchen craftsman AKA SCAR’s Survival will be hosting another cook-along. This week it’s a beautiful looking squash and coconut curry. The recipe’s up and he lights the stove at 7pm UK time sharp. Tasty.

Later on Saturday, London Elektricity will be on-hand for the entire night with an impressive six hour session. Rolling from 8pm – 2am UK time, the mix isn’t live (he recorded it earlier this week) but the Hospital Records bossman will be live in the chat throughout. Chew the DJ’s ear off when they’re playing crew…  This one’s for you!!


Doc Scott’s weekly sessions have now become an essential staple for many every Saturday night. Usually rolling on for a good three or four hours, every week he picks a different charity which you can donate to if you’re able to. This week he’ll be raising money for Coventry & Warwickshire Mind… And he’ll be doing it with a classic 89-91 old school special. Hardcore, Scotty knows the score…


Also on Saturday is a six hour session from Oxford’s Rinse crew who are raising money for Oxford Food Bank, FoodCycle and Mind. Kicking off at 5pm UK time Mrs Magoo, Crossy, Trafic MC, Elkay MC are among the selectors. Full details.


Elsewhere on an eclectic EDM tip, Insomniac are recreating the Middlelands vibe online with two night ‘virtual raveathon’ on both Friday and Saturday. Action ignites at 4pm PST (midnight UK time) acts include Audien, Modestep, Chromeo, Kompany, Tokimonsta and more. Tune in here.

Meanwhile in Russia, Radio Record are hosting a 36 hour live stream marathon. It kicked off Friday night midnight Russian time (10pm UK time) and the likes of Darude, Apashe, Lady Waks, Slushii are all performing. As is man like John B. He’s playing 4am Russian time, 2am UK time Saturday night.


Sunday April 26

From 4pm – midnight CET, a small south German club in Freiburg Artik will be hosting a stream from their rooftop. The final in a 3 day streaming event, this one’s taken care of by local crews Beatalistics (co-run by MC Fava) and Mighty Pressure. Expect serious soul, dub and more, join in via their Twitch channel.

PLUS: New Zealand crew Sub180 have been hosting some killer sets from new talents on pretty much daily basis. Last week saw the likes of Bish and Kelvin 373 smash it (among others), their streams are usually 9pm NZ time which is a nice pre-lunch vibe for ravers in the UK and Europe. Get involved.

And on the other side of the bass loving planet in the US everything Thursday sees the Best Drum & Bass broadcast live from 9pm PST. That’s 4am for the UK crew. Expect mixes, fresh tunes and plenty of US D&B chat. Link up.

Looking even further ahead, Shogun Audio have announced their next D&B pub quiz. It’s kicking off May 4. 7.30pm UK time, save the date!



We’ve found mixes galore this week. Ranging in vibes and flavours, whether you need a mix to soundtrack your not-the-gym-but-it’s-going-to-have-to-do home workout or your third self-care session of the day, here are 15+ mixes for every socially distanced scenario possible:  


National Hype Service: Dispatch Takeover

Week three for the National Hype Service’s weekly sessions. Following last week’s excellent UKG takeover with Hatcha, Cartier and Smokey Bubblin’ B we’re back on the D&B with the Dispatch crew. Ant TC1 b2b DLR with Joe Raygun & Visionobi from Outlook 2018 and brand new mixes from Zero T, Philth and more. Six hours of the good stuff and it’s all for the best cause. National Hype Service are collecting for NHS Charities Together. Get involved if you can.


Charli Brix – Brix Do Roll 001

And the winner for the best new podcast name this month goes to Charli Brix. Brix Do Roll is a monthly session as Charli shares some of her favourites across the broken/bass spectrum. Assorted flavours, brought together with chat and maximum vibes.


Kanine – Summer Essentials Vol 2

You gonna bark at an invisible virus all day little doggy? No, you’re gonna sit down in whatever patch of sun you can isolate in your locale and you’re gonna vibe the hell out to Kanine’s wholesome summer mix. An hour of big hitters and smelly IDs mixed alike. Feel good flavours.


Leniz & Bazil MC – The Spring Tape

Feeling pedantic and not ready to listen to a summer mix until it’s actually officially summer? All good mate, young Dutchman Leniz and Bristol’s Bazil MC have delivered a spring tape which shines with just as many sunshine vibes. Another hour of lockdown totally covered.


GLXY & Visionobi – Red Bull Choice Mix

Dropped in the wake of their exceptional debut album Research & Development, GLXY and close MC ally Visionobi drop an hour of groove science for Red Bull right here. Plenty of album action, dubs and fresh bars from Jedi jammer, this pops.


Script – Free You Mind Mixes

SCAR’s Script has been busy this month with two open-minded freestyle D&B mixes. The Free Your Mind series will cover the full flavour and generation spectrum with heft dollops of dubs and unreleased oldies along the way. Heavyweight tackle, as you’d expect from a veteran like Script.


Aquasky – Lockdown Breakbeat Rinse Out Mix

Old school D&B trio-turned-breaks-pioneers Aquasky absolutely donned the 90s and 2000s with their full-on energetic sounds. While the band have parted to follow other interests, founding member Brent is still highly active with his Vinyl Fanatiks reissue label and is still uncovering gems like this mix. Rave on.


HVYWGHT Lockdown Series 001 – Traces

London’s best dubstep night have entered the lockdown mix ring, too. They kick off with rising duo Traces for a superb adventure into the subby depths with this mix that flexes from 120-140 and covers the whole range. HVYWGHT have had some of the best 140 line-ups the UK capital has seen in over a decade, we reckon their mix series will be the same.


Motiv – Hit & Run X Critical Guest Mix

This one’s been bubbling in our playlist for a few weeks now. Courtesy of new-gen Manchester man Motiv for legendary local night Hit & Run (for an event which was, like everything else in our lives, cancelled) it’s a pretty hit and run affair as he batters us with basslines for half an hour. Short and sweet.


Anastasia & Tyr Kohout Guest Mix

Another powerful 30 min session, this time from across the pond. Toronto singer/songwriter Anastasia re-links with Tyr Kohout for this cracking half hour heave-ho. Graceful vocals, gully beats.


Faster Lockdown Mix 001: Promo Zo & 2Shy

It’s been a great week for MC-fronted mixes. As well as Visionobi and Bazil both fronting new mixes this week, the one and only 2Shy has also delivered a mix with right hand woman Promo Zo for London’s Faster crew. Bulldozer jams and on-point flows and guidance, it’s another hour of your life well invested.


PLUS: If these mixes aren’t enough to soundtrack your lockdown, US agency Cybergroove have launched a series of podcasts. COVID-19 Sessions launched with a mix from MC Fava (yes, he’s a badboy on the decks too) and UK’s Toronto Is Broken. With more to come, you’d be wise to bookmark this page




HLZ has plunged into lockdown distraction duties in the last week with the start of a tutorial series. The launch episode takes a wide overview of the creative process before he starts to focus on specific techniques as the series develops…

Currently unable to puff puff pass due to social distancing rules, DJ Hybrid celebrated 420 in a different way this year; with this surprise splash of 100 drum & bass and jungle samples. Fumes!


Meanwhile on a dubstep tip, Never Say Die’s Oddprophet tried out a really interesting exercise, writing a tune from scratch using just one synth, Phase Plant. And he did it live. Here’s how it went down, you can also sign up to Defyre, a production school he tutors at, and grab some free presets and stems right here.


Cloth Cat Studios in Leeds are offering a range of free tutorials covering all types of musical disciplines from guitar in production. Renowned D&B singer and collaborator Pat Fulgoni has just dropped some wisdom on the business side…


Finally on the production front, some gritty sample pack goodness from Spain. Courtesy of Montesco, who’s previously released on the likes of Lost and Boey Audio. Some nice slimy sounds here, grab them through the link below with an option to donate.


Free Tunes

In case you missed them, just few hefty ones we’ve found since our free download anti-virus special a few weeks back.


Akov – Mantra VIP

Akov diverts our attention from the facts his name sounds like ‘A Cough’ and he’s actually neck deep in 5G corona-spreading corruption right about now with this peppy new VIP twist on his 2015 prayer-chanting neurofunklet Mantra. We’re on to you Akov.


Visages – 42.195

French crew Visages remind us this experience is a marathon, not a sprint with this delightly creepy, warpy number. Either that or they’re playing a mean game of ‘guess how long your hair will grow by the end of lockdown’. Who knows? This slaps either way.


Changer – Need Your Lovin’

Change your heart. Look around you…. Actually don’t. You’ve seen enough of your gaff this month. Close your eyes instead and buzz to this laid back, contemplative twist on the Korgis classic from Changer. Hot on the heels of his equally tasteful take on Bicep’s Glue, we need this like the sunshine.


Octo-Pi – Danish Boog

Wrap your ear tentacles round this from Bristol’s Octo-Pi. Slithering bassline business with a pretty surreal UK comedy vocal and a mellow sprinkle of piano. Boogie on down.


Stompz – Where To Go

Stompz on a restrained, introspective rolling one. Lingering pianos, mournful vocals but a rasping little bassline underneath. Vibes.


DJ Hybrid – Wake Up Winston

Not content with giving away a whole batch of samples on 420 (see above), Mr Deep In The Jungle also shot this bulbous smelly one earlier this month. Wake up time.


Dungeon Kru – Movie Star

Sunny side skankage from Canadians the Dungeon Kru. Free from Liondub International to support their latest EP for the label, we love this in every way…

We love you in every way, too. Anti-Virus features will run every week during the COVID-19 crisis, providing you with musical inspiration from across the scene. Email if you have any type of lockdown project something you’d like see supported.