UKF is hiring!

  • Have you ever got really mad because you’ve witnessed a thoroughly sick release flop because it wasn’t promoted properly?
  • Have you ever seen a social media post miss the mark so badly you cringe so much you turn inside out?
  • Have you ever got in touch with a brand and felt their communications were such a joke you stopped following it altogether?

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, you’re UK-based and you have experience in social media and marketing, then we’d like to hear from you. UKF is looking for a digital marketing manager to join our creative collective at London-based AEI Group.

The best person for the job will be experienced in marketing and related platforms and software, they should be comfortable being customer-facing, understand the brand’s audience, be a snappy writer and be able to think of unique and engaging ways to push the music that we all love.

Above all, they must eat, sleep and breathe this music, know it inside out and have an honest passion to be part of one of the UK’s strongest and most viable cultural assets.

The music will never stop. Neither will we. In fact we’re growing. Full details and job spec can be found here. We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck!