UKF10: Everything you need to know (for now)….

Rewind to 2009: Bitcoin is invented, swine flu is kicking off, politicians are being called out for en-mass expenses exploitation, atom to atom data teleportation happens for the first time. The bladeless fan is invented, Rage Against The Machine are Christmas number one in the UK and dubstep has become the biggest and most rapidly accelerated musical phenomenon pop culture has ever seen. Brexit means absolutely nothing. Flux Pavilion releases his first record. Avatar pisses everyone off.

Somewhere amid this madness UKF is born.

A lot can happen in 10 years…. But some things never change: 3.1 billion views and 3200+ uploads later, we are still neck deep in the most exciting musical movement of our time. We are still dedicated to championing bass music and its ever growing cast of crucial contributors. We are still inspired and totally motivated by bass culture whether that’s through uploads on the UKF network, events around the world, albums or extensive features on this site.

And this year we’re celebrating the fact we’ve been doing this for 10 years.

UKF10 isn’t a one-date-only blow out… It’s a whole year of appreciation for the artists, labels and DJs who inspire us on the regular and have done for an entire decade. A year long salute to the music that drives us and brings us together, UKF10 comprises everything we do in all directions. Events, releases, collaborations, unique merch series, in-depth features behind the music and so much more. All of which will be revealed in due course throughout the year.

A lot can happen in 10 years… Even more will happen in the next 10. UKF10 celebrates a milestone in our mission to get the music we love the most to as many ears, feet and souls as possible. It sets out our coordinates for the next decade ahead and, most importantly, will give us plenty of ways to thank YOU for your support so far on this journey.

Trust us; 2019 is going to be a next level year. Sign up now and stay tuned for more UKF10 updates very very soon…