Underground Promoters Heavy Sonics Announce New Label

London’s underground event promoters- Heavy Sonics, are about to embark on a sonic journey like no other as they unveil their brand-new record label, Heavy Sonics Records, designed to launch underground talent into the stratosphere of acclaim. Heavy Sonics Records is on a mission to unearth the raw, untamed energy pulsating beneath the surface of the underground music realm. With a fervent dedication to spotlighting undiscovered talents, their goal is to ignite new artists and catapult them straight into the heart of the underground d&b scene.

“Heavy Sonics Records will unearth the untapped potential that’s been bubbling beneath the surface of the underground music scene. We’re not just launching a label; we’re creating a platform for those hidden gems whose genius has yet to see the light of day. Prepare for a seismic shift in the way you experience music!”-Heavy Sonics.

Heavy Sonics started putting on events in 2021 with unforgettable events across London, featuring top-tier acts like Koherent, Grey Code, Sweetpea, Klinical, Trex, and Philth, while always  continuing to showcase the finest up and coming talents. To bolster their mission, they’ve hosted online competitions, encouraging aspiring DJs and MCs to join their ranks and collaborate with brands like Yamatai Records and Drop Art.

“We’re thrilled to synchronise our label with our electrifying events, giving artists the ultimate chance to catapult their DJ/producer or MC/vocalist career into orbit. Not only will their tracks hit the airwaves on top streaming platforms, but they’ll also have the opportunity to unleash their sound live, amass a devoted fanbase, and share the stage with their underground heroes!”- Heavy Sonics.

Heavy Sonics Records is firing on all cylinders with releases slated well into 2024. Brace yourselves as they introduce Apollo Navigation, known in the streets as Ashley, for their inaugural release in September 2023. Ashley, a regular at Heavy Sonics events, brings a wicked two-track release featuring “Compromised” and “Deadshot” – a taste of what’s to come!

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