Watch: Awesome Mashup Of Every Movie Club Scene Ever

movie club

Welcome to Hell’s Club. The first rule of Hell’s Club: you do talk about Hell’s Club.

This might be a week old, but we’ve only just seen it. And it’s too impressive not to share.

Club scenes in movies and TV are a strange beast. Often too clean, clinical and spacious to represent the real nightclubs that we know and love, very few examples really capture the intensity, sweatiness or general weirdness of real life, proper clubbing.

Edit these scenes together with ridiculous amount of attention to detail, and polish with a consistent colour grade, however, and you’ve got an incredible story waiting to unfold. Case in point: AMDS Films and its scalpel-handy founder Antonio Maria Da Silva. He’s created a fictional venue Hell’s Club where all club scenes jigsaw together for ten minutes of suspended disbelief.

Jedis lay down the law, Terminator hunts, Vinnie Vega watches a young Travolta in a dance-off with Jacko, Tom Cruise pours cocktails, Scarface gets progressively smashed and paranoid, Austin Powers looks confused while Pinhead relishes in the chaos of it all… And that’s really just the tip of the big screen iceberg. Weaved together to the sound of the BeeGees, Haddaway, Indeep and Pink Floyd, and culminating in an en-mass shoot-out, it’s the best movie scene mashup we’ve ever seen. Actually it’s the only movie scene mashup we’ve ever seen… We’re happy to keep it that way, as this will be hard to top.

Check it below, it’s ten minutes of well invested time…