Watch: Banned Virus Syndicate video – Psychopath

Virus Syndicate have always fired concerned shots at socio-political situations. From Money to Venom to Talk To Frank; pretty much every track Nika D, JSD, Goldfinger and MRK-1 have ever laid down has been barbed with gritty realism.

None of their videos have been banned by a country’s government, however. Until now…

While the video for Virus Syndicate – Psychopath was made in the summer, months before the recent tragic terrorist attacks in Paris, the French Ministry Of Culture & Communication have considered it too sensitive and inflammatory and banned all broadcasting and releasing of the video and single throughout the country.




The lead single from their forthcoming album Symptomatic, Virus Syndicate – Psychopath attacks the ideas of greed, corruption and media manipulation controlling fear, anger and unrest. Countering real footage of terrorism, parliament, war and propaganda with Nika and JSD’s psychopathic alter egos and sharp tongued lyrics about the money-minded warmongers, it’s one of the Manchester crew’s darkest, hardest hitting messages to date.

“We wanted to flip things up a bit here and record a song that not only makes you want to snap your neck to the snare and chest shattering bass line, but also get inside your mind and make you think. We make music to paint pictures of reality. Psychopath is just that.  Every image used in the visual is real! We are not trying to glorify and promote all the negative sh*t that goes in this world but we are trying to build an awareness beyond what we are fed in the media.

“Reality is brutal and often hard to watch or hear as are some of the images in the video and lyrics in the song. We wanted to make a piece of music that hits you hard but it is also a realistic reflection of today’s society. Psychopath is about showing you the darkest dirtiest and most horrific side of life but we do this only demonstrate contrast, for every negative there is a positive.”  – Nika D

The main positive being that we are still humans who can sympathise, listen and show compassion. Don’t play into the hands of the fear puppeteers.

Virus Syndicate – Psychopath