Watch: Camo & Krooked & Red Bull paint the sky with awesome

red bull skydiving

Got a spare three minutes? Watch this video, you will not be disappointed.

Red Bull’s Skydiving Team asked Camo & Krooked to write a new piece of music and promised to do something special with it. The Austrian duo duly obliged with a crisp, almost classical-sounding arpeggiated number entitled Gravitas… But had no idea how cool Red Bull’s visual accompaniment would be.

Taking four skydivers up 13,000 feet (high enough to see the curvature of our planet) the talented adrenaline fiends then perform a stunning synchronised routine in LED suits, effectively turning the sky into a massive music video set to brand new beats from Camo & Krooked.

“Our expectations were completely exceeded!” Camo & Krooked state on Red Bull’s website. “The symbiosis of sports, music and light provides a partly supernatural effect, which makes for a captivating clip.”

Apparently it gave them goosebumps. They’re not the only ones….

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