Watch: Darude – Sandstorm (Accordion Quintet Version)

accordion quintent

Kick start your week with this live version of everyone’s favourite trance/meme anthem Darude – Sandstorm.

Clocking in as cover version #83945 (probably), this one is performed by a quintet from the almost 90-year-old Munich Accordion Orchestra. And while the drummer’s timing seems totally out of sync with the accordions, the Bavarian twist on this classic trance smash has a certain jolly charm and could – quite possibly – put a sufficient spring in your step for the rest of the day. Or at the very least, an un-shifting earworm.

This follows our exclusive chat with Darude himself last summer AND, just last week, our Top 10 of orchestral/electronic collaborations. 

Uploaded over the weekend, and consequently removed from YouTube shortly after, the good folk at Reddit have unearthed a mirror version. Watch it here. 


Image source: Munich Accordion Orchestra