Watch: How Dubstep Was Discovered

how dubstep was discovered

Just in case you were away at a festival this weekend or decided to have a life outside of The Internet, you may have missed one of the funniest viral dubstep videos since that grandpappy reacted to Skrillex years ago… How Dubstep Was Discovered.

Pure history condensed into a one minute punch of pure knowledge: Every question you’ve ever had about dubstep history is answered right here by some Walter White lookalike with a rubber tube, a trumpet mouthpiece and a funnel.

Not really. It’s just a really well executed viral by French duo Extra Terra. Reminding us that there’s still heaps of viral potential with the right humour and source material, they’ve attracted over 1.1million views just over the weekend. Fair play….

How Dubstep Was Discovered

Respect due. They’ve got substance to back up the hype too. Follow and listen: Soundcloud / Facebook