Watch: Excision Paradox Premiere

paradox 2

He told us is was going to be next level…

Friday night, December 11: Minneapolis bass heads were treated to an insane world premiere as Excision launched his brand new live show concept: The Paradox. Judging by the videos online and praise on his Facebook page it was a serious sensory assault.

When we last spoke to the Canadian dubstep don he told us the fully LED-based modular production was “designed to match the intensity of my DJ sets as I don’t think the previous stages could really keep up.”

Has he finally met his match with The Paradox? With a booth that looks like it’s floating and an alien creature that shoots lasers and makes gestures in time with the beat, maybe he has. There are a wealth of fan videos online (and likely to be more over the coming week as the entire crowd appeared to be filming the intro) but these ones below are the best.

Standardly, the sound quality is terrible. But the lights and video? Oh gosh. If we weren’t hosting our Christmas party in Fabric on the same night, and budget was no option, we’d have been there slap bang in the centre of the audio/visual chaos. echoua

Sad news for UK and European fans… This isn’t likely to hit our shores any time soon. Although he did explain that, because of its modular nature, it’s easier to export than previous shows so “don’t lose hope”. Hey, if these guys can ship a 50 tonne metal spider halfway across the planet, then anything is possible!

Fingers crossed and all that. Check out The Paradox here…

H/T: Dancing Astronaut