WATCH: Fabio & Grooverider celebrate 30 years of Rage with short documentary

Photography: Chelone Wolf


December 8 sees a true rave institution celebrate 30 years: Rage.

Taking place in the club it all began in – Heaven, London – Rage was home to some of the most influential DJs of the foundation acid house movement. Colin Faver, Trevor Fung and two rising DJs at the time Fabio & Grooverider. It’s where they formed one of the longest DJ duo alliances in dance music and help sculpt the sound and vibe that would eventually become jungle drum & bass. And it’s where they’ll be celebrating the event’s landmark birthday with an all-star cast of pioneers from across the spectrum: Bryan Gee, DJ Storm, Digital, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, Ray Keith, GQ, Ragga Twins, DJ SS, Dr S Gachet, Bushwacka, Kenny Ken, Jumping Jack Frost and more. Many of them, plus fellow pioneer Goldie, appear on a short documentary about the club and the incredible impact the event and their residency had on the drum & bass movement.

“We weren’t calling it anything but house,” explained Grooverider when we interviewed him and Fabio about Rage earlier this year. “It didn’t matter if it had more of a techno thing going on, trance, breakbeat, whatever. As far as I was concerned it was still house.”

“It was a massive melting pot,” agreed Fabio. “No one was using the word jungle but that was where it started.”

And this is the story. Give yourself 20 minutes to sit back and digest some of the most important movements in jungle and drum & bass’s earliest foundations. Happy anniversary Rage.