Watch: GTA – Red Lips (Skrillex Remix) (Official Video)

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Just when you thought the official video for Burial was crazy enough, Skrillex is packing a new level of visual punch for his LONG awaited remix of GTA’s Red Lips.

Written and directed by Grant Singer (who was also responsible for the Burial video) and Skrillex himself and released exclusively through Apple Connect, the video comprises a team who’ve worked on films such as Django Unchained, Transformers, Star Trek, Gravity, Avatar and loads of other films. It’s an impressive viewing experience with classic romantic story of a lady lost in the dessert, being harassed by monsters.

We won’t spoil the ending for you. Just watch and listen: officially released yesterday, this is classic Skrillex dubstep through and through.

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    • You start by not thinking of electronic music as builds and drops that need to adhere to some type of formula like a fuck boy. You try to change things up by trying new styles that dont fit into the comfort zone of small minded folk who comment on good songs about “bad drops” like is 2010 and having the biggest bassiest “drop” is all that matters. You start by throwing that bullshit out the window and making music for yourself. Then you become known as one of the most influential (whether people agree or not doesn’t make it any less true) electronic musicians of the decade.

      • Funny comment Mark, liked the fuck boy part. As a dubstep enthusiast and audiophile for the past 6 years I’m not a ‘small minded folk’ when I say this drop is total garbage and the EXACT reason why people say dubstep is shit. I ask “What have you heard?” – “Skrillex” … oh yes the epitome of trash in dubstep. Yes I appreciate how he made the genre boom but he needs to get with the times. Check out Burn Up (dabin remix), Alma – Avalances (ft. Sound Remedy), or Skrux – Eternity… to name a few. Yw.

        • You can name as many artists and songs as you will, but you cannot deny the impact Skrillex has had on electronic music. I can hit you up with several Skrillex songs that is as good as the songs you just posted. Every artists experiments with their genre, Skrillex included. I agree that this song isn’t his best, but it isn’t as bad as you put it out to be. That’s my opinion at least. Thanks for the songs btw!

          • Excactly. Not to mention Skrillex’s production style is extremely diverse. And im not talking to 2011 genre boom Skrillex (which i did enjoy somewhat), im talking to producer we have now, who’s comfortable with trying new things and experimenting in the limelight where many others aren’t, and are instead, looking to him to see whats next.

          • As I said, I appreciate what impact Skrillex had on electronic music. And I’ve heard all his songs, but don’t listen anymore. Fact is, this song should have come out 6 years ago on UKF and been huge, but today I don’t know how this passes for a quality drop. Intro and buildup were fine though, but lets not kid ourselves about that drop.

        • Let me guess, every one of those songs has big saw sidechain chords and has a drop that sounds like every other Seven Lions, Xilent, and Sound Remedy song that people have been raving as “new” and “innovative” for the past 3 years now? I’m good. There’s good and bad music in every polar cap of this genre. The songs you just posted aren’t bad but being good doesn’t erase what you think is bad. Posting prog shit and saying it’s better because its more melodic and you like it more doesn’t undo the strides more mainstream producers have made. And doesn’t make something that is meant to be more bouncy and fun and less emotional; less good. I’ll admit i used to have a very similar outlook on things, but i realized that’s iall just preference. There’s way too much of this genre elitist crap going on in this genre and it starts with people complaining that ‘this’ song doesn’t sound more like ‘this’ song.

          • Mark my comment was not intended to spark this essay on genre elitism you’ve chosen to begun. The drop is 1/10. Static drum beat with hi hats and what sounds like it could be the sound of cats being run over with some audio effects. Enough said. I said the song is bad, you proceeded to call me a fuck boy, small minded folk, and saying my music was prog shit. Well met.

          • Well..”shit” was more used to simply describe something simply being, as opposed to its quality. As I said, the songs you posted are not bad, and I very much like more progressive dubstep. But other than that, yes, spot on Leo.

          • I don’t mean to be a genre elitist and I have good music for every genre, not only melodic prog shit.. Didn’t mean to offend you personally if you really like this song, to each his own. Check these out: Escape (T-Mass Remix), Electric Joy Ride – I’m Still Alive, Koven – More Than You. Those are a few insane songs a bit on the heavy side. Listen to the following song and tell me I’m wrong for really appreciating complexity and the detail that goes into orchestrating a piece like this… Walk On By (Sound Remedy Remix)

          • Dude you’re not wrong. And I know. Ive heard all of those songs. I produce as well, (if only in a bedroom setting). I truly get the love and craft that goes into the detail of writing, composing, and producing a dubstep song that bursts through the boundaries and is a true whirlwhind of adventure to listen to. But as there is with every genre, there is quality and craft in simplicity as well. Clearly our opinions differ regarding this tune. I just personally have found myself able to find enjoyment in the more simple arrangements just as much as the complex ones.

          • I’ll say this… first drop is bad no denying it. But the intro, build up, vocals, choreography, and theme are all great. And I like the second drop a lot more than the first, since its at least kind of interesting. But, if I had my music playing on shuffle somewhere surrounded by people… and either of those drops came up I would be embarrassed to have it on my iPod as I know everyone would cringe. Check out Punta Sal (Droplex Remix), build up is about 12 years long but damn its worth it. You better have good bass on your speakers/headphones. How’s that for simplicity? :p

          • Im not sure what your experience is with music other than naming tracks that have been around for years but your description of the “drop” in this song is so far off I have to wonder if we are talking about the same song, or if you even know what a drop is. “static drum beat with hi hats and dead cats… bla bla” man this drop is nothing of the sort. The drums that you speak are simple to make way for his signature industrial earth splitting flying knife sounds that he is recently implementing into his work. Anyone who focuses on the drums at this point has taken the meaning of bass drop WAY to literal. Trust me man times have changed and you might want to take your foot out of your mouth to try to keep up.

          • I was just naming a couple good songs so somebody could enjoy listening to them. If you like the drop of this song, good for you enjoy it.

    • I have listened to many different kinds of music. Dubstep is one of my favorites. Its not all about the drop. If that was all it was about then the music itself would just be one drop after another. This was impressive and I loved it. Just because you dont like it doesnt make it bad. Smashing the replay button for sure lol.

  • Just tell me what that type of spazmatic dancing is called… not the bone breaking, the twitching thing

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