Watch: Jack U’s NBA Playoff Performance

jack u dinky

Not a week (or sometimes day) goes by without Skrillex & Diplo’s Jack U hitting the headlines in one way or another.

A few weeks back they caused a roadblock in Amsterdam with an impromptu dressing room show. And only yesterday Alabama’s Hangout Festival announced the duo would be stepping in for Sam Smith at this weekend’s event. But nothing compares to the eight minutes of weird that is their Sunday night performance for the NBA semifinals between The LA Clippers and The Houston Rockets.

Here’s the full video, it’s easily the most bizarre performance the duo have put on so far… Skrillex shows off his singing voice, Diplo plays air trumpet (with a real trumpet), there’s a neat Snoop Dogg mash-up and – here’s the best bit – shaggy swag canine Vine star Dinky who steals the show in his crisp white open top wheels.