Watch: McDonald’s Cup Dubstep

parker kane

Dubstep sounds like: transformers having aggressive sex, a vacuum cleaner orchestra, a robot farting. The genre has experienced many crass descriptions over the years. More than most genres.

But here’s a new one that’s actually true… Dubstep sounds like some dude getting sick with a McDonald’s cup.

The dude in question is a rising US beatboxer Parker Kane. He’s clearly got the tones and noises locked down (his recent Wiz Khalifa cover proves this) but here he’s added a simple straw and cup for added acoustic effect. The video below, candidly shot in a McDonald’s foyer, is the result of this unusual but impressive beatboxing experimentation.

We’re actually a bit late on this – it went up just over a week ago and has since gone viral with over over 1.6million views – but, unlike McDonald’s food, Parker’s skills have no use-by date.

Shout out to Never Say Die for alerting us to this on Facebook last night. Insert a ‘We’re loving it’ remark right here…

Parker Kane – McDonald’s Cup Dubstep