Watch Shift K3Y perform live with an orchestra on UKF On Air!

Wednesday July 19: Shift K3Y will setting yet another career benchmark as he performs with an orchestra for the very first time. And we’ll be streaming the event live on UKF On Air via Facebook.

The London Mozart Players are the UK’s longest established chamber orchestra. Founded in 1949, they regularly work with schools and communities to create opportunities for young musicians. This performance will be their first deep dive into electronic music and is the result of several months work with Shift K3Y and arranger Fiona Brice who, in the past, has worked with Placebo and Kanye West. Together they’ve translated his biggest cuts such as I Know, Crazy Love and Body Groove plus many other classic bass and garage anthems by the likes of MJ Cole from dancefloor bangers to orchestral/electronic fusions.

“I was interested to work on this collaboration with the LMP as it’s an opportunity to add an extra dimension to a DJ set and bring some of the tracks alive,” explains Shift K3Y, real name Lewis Jankel. “It’s by no means a new concept – an orchestra and electronic music – but I think combined with the style of bass and garage for this event it will be really exciting.”

We’re excited too. The event, held at Boxpark Croydon from 7pm BST. Other performers include FTSE and George Cosby and the London Mozart Players will also be performing music from Max Richter & Alfred Hitchcock’s seminal movie Psycho.

UKF On Air will be live at 9.30pm BST when Shift K3Y and the LMP take to the stage. Limited tickets are still available and we have a small amount of guestlist to give away, too. Sign up below for a chance to win!

When did plans for this begin?

We started talking about the gig 3-4 months ago as an idea. We initially thought about it for the start of the summer but I’d been in the studio finishing new music and touring the US so it ended up being July which is actually a great time.

How many hours of rehearsal did it take to get to performance stage?

We did three music meetings with myself, Fiona Brice (Orchestral Arranger) and Simon Blendis (Orchestra Leader) to discuss the DJ set and tracklist and how best to evolve some of those tracks with the orchestrations and how those arrangements would fit with the live DJ set. This was then converted to sheet music and given to each string play to practice before we all got together to actually rehearsal with us all in the same room which we have done two runs of. It’s quite a long process !

London Mozart Players haven’t explored electronic music before. What was their reaction to this project? Were they aware of your music?

They actually approached me as it was a concept they wanted to explore and they had actually researched my music. From there we started to evolve that concept in to a specific sound. It’s been quite a natural process due to the strong melodic elements I use in most of my production, strings included…

What did they teach you with their music?

I have always been a fan of orchestral music, so this was more a learning experience of how they would convert the already existing music in to something they can play.

What were the trickiest parts of the studio-to-orchestra conversion?

The trickiest parts have been the tempo changes between tracks and generally timing between myself and the orchestra to make sure it is fluid and steady. In all honesty they have been pretty much flawless in their adaptation which makes it all the more exciting.

Is this a total one-off or will more follow?

At the moment this performance is a one off. But talks of recording with the LMP get me very hyped. Would love to take some of the new material into the studio with them and see what magic we create.

Shift K3Y & London Mozart Players will perform Wednesday July 19 at Boxpark, Croydon.

Tickets are available here. Watch live with UKF On Air from 9.30pm BST here.

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