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doompy poomp

In celebration of Groundhog Day, last night Skrillex unleashed a brand new video for what is easily his most out-there tune to date.

Nestled deep in the latter throes of last year’s album Recess, Skrillex – Doompy Poomp isn’t a particularly easy listen. Unlike anything you’ve heard the OWSLA champ create before, it’s driven by a wonked-out cyclical time signature, strange sound design and a groove that becomes more apparent the deeper you get. It’s received more than its fair share of online criticism and now it comes complete with a fittingly madcap video created by Fleur & Manu.

A UKMVA Award-winning director duo, Fleur & Manu have previously added visual magic to the likes of Étienne de Crécy, M83, Gesaffelstein, Bag Raiders, Sebastian Tellier and Tricky. This latest slice of visual madness adopts the loopy motif of the Bill Murray movie classic with larger-than-life characters and slapstick situations that wouldn’t go amiss in Anchorman or My Name Is Earl. All of which, bizarrely, help to make sense of the song.

“It was a really weird song and more of a joke I made a while ago,” says Skrillex to Vice’s Creators Project. “Fleur and Manu are some of my favorite directors/artists out there. Period. I have always wanted to work with them. A lot of my fans don’t get this song and a lot of them hate this song as well so I that’s why I thought it would be even more cool to do something with Fleur & Manu.”

It’s silly, it’s surreal and it has a karate fight breakdown: Skrillex, Fleur and Manu’s mission has been accomplished. This is likely to be the weirdest music video you watch all week:

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