Watch: The Glitch Mob Behind The Blade

TGM - the blade

Got a spare 16 minutes? Watch this awesome behind the scenes documentary: The Glitch Mob Behind The Blade.

Going in deep on how it was developed, how it works and how the band really took a massive gamble on its development and had no idea whether it would work until they took it on tour, this documentary confirms everything we got excited about when we filmed this.

A sight-to-behold, and a custom-made machine that shows you exactly what the band are doing when they’re laying down their trademark electronically sizzled sickness on-stage; if you’ve had the pleasure of experiencing The Glitch Mob live then you’ll know how unique and ambitious The Blade is.

“The reason we do this is to give justice to the music and to give fans the experience of how the music should be felt and absorbed,” states Ed.It during the documentary. We couldn’t agree more. Watch The Glitch Mob Behind The Blade video here, it’s time very well spent.

If you want to know more, they’ll be taking part in an AMA on Reddit on May 20 at 11am PST.

Image credit: Lucas Gregg

The Glitch Mob
The Glitch Mob
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