Watch: The science behind our love for bass


Ever wondered why you love bass so much?

Thank your mum.

Not because of any music she played to you as a kid, not even for physically giving birth to you so you have a life you can enrich with music, but before that: as fetus, once you’ve developed your hearing functions, the first thing you hear are the low frequencies of your mum’s heartbeat and voice. Scientists have proven that these early stimulus set the foundation for a whole chain of sensory developmental processes such as voice and language.

The hipster cliche we can we all claim: I was into bass before I was even born mate.

It’s also the root of a deep-seeded relationship and high sensitivity we all have with bass and how our interpretation of bass influences our sense of rhythm. As explained in this awesome short video by tech/science platform The Verge.

Three minutes well invested, this breaks down mankind’s age-old love for bass succinctly, scientifically and informatively. Enjoy…

Source: The Verge
H/T: YourEDM