Watch: Walter White @ EDC With Above & Beyond

walter white above and beyond

EDC Vegas happened this weekend. And our timelines are full of gossip, hype and stories ranging from the mind-melting heat (apparently it was over 40° celsius at points) to Justin Bieber appearing at an event related show with Kaskade.

But the best EDC story by a country mile came courtesy of Above & Beyond who developed their love for Breaking Bad from naming a track after Walter White two years ago… To having him actually ignite their set.

Of course, technically speaking, it was the actor Bryan Cranston. And he came without Walter’s trademark baldy baphead and goatee. But those who attended the Above & Beyond headline set on Saturday night (which was an impressive chunk of the event’s 400,000 attendees) were under no illusion… For these brief moments, Bryan had reverted to his most famous characters to date, demanding the crowd say his name before pressing play on the CDJ.

If you’re a fan of Breaking Bad, this scores high on the goosebump factor. For those of us who are fans of both Above & Beyond and the legendary TV show, this is off the scale.

Massive props to Above & Beyond, Bryan Cranston and EDC Festival. Check the video below…