Watch: Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (Ft Moody Good, Pusha T, Trollphace)

skrillex burial

OWSLA raised the hype alarm on Sunday. Posting the picture above simply with the text ‘Tomorrow’, they made sure everyone knew something was coming…

And with the label boss Skrillex, Pusha T and Yogi (wearing an awesome mask) pictured, we knew it was likely to be fresh take on the still-ubiquitous Burial track.

Then, late last night UK time, it dropped…. A freaky video featuring Dennis Rodman soundtracked by what appears to be a blend of remixes by both Skrillex & Trollphace and Moody Good.

Many fans on both Facebook and YouTube have reacted critically, stating they would rather see more freshness in the release department. Fair point. But you get the feeling they’re missing OWSLA’s point, here: this video is ridiculous.

Similar to the disruptive krumping styles on the recent video for The Prototypes – Pop It Off but with added make-up, trippiness, ice cream and seemingly dislocated joints, this is just straight up crazy. Oh, and Pusha T rips his face off to become Dennis Rodman. You really don’t see many new music videos like this every day. And the blend of both remixes works really well too.

Watch and make up your own mind. Four minutes well invested.

Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (Ft Moody Good, Pusha T, Trollphace)


2 thoughts on “Watch: Yogi & Skrillex – Burial (Ft Moody Good, Pusha T, Trollphace)”

  • Original — amazing song.
    Moody Good remix — amazing song.
    Skrillex & TrollPhace remix — eh.
    It’s a shame they had to just collate the different versions in order to get the attention of the Skrillex fanbase, especially when that’s the only version of the song I don’t love

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