What Are BCUK Up To?

Four seconds of grainy VHS-style footage.

Heavy wind blowing snow to reveal some type of circular plate or vent. No words. No clues. What are Bad Company UK up to?

The video was uploaded last night at 6pm UK time with no description or explanation. But it must mean something… Bad Company, all proud members of the less-is-more club, aren’t ones to post randomly.

Besides hype for a few shows and branded vac-pacs (which are a strange, but welcome, line of BCUK merch) the only other post in the last few weeks was on February 26 when the UK enjoyed a rare state of snow paralysis.

As we know from the band’s first come-back interview, Bad Company tracks only seed and germinate when all four members of the influential collective share the time and space, and that with all four members operating busy solo careers, these gatherings don’t happen very often. Were they together to create more new material? Or perhaps to finish off a much larger body of work? Was the snow that weekend just a coincidence?

It’s been two years since their release Equilibrium marked the start of a new chapter for the quartet comprising dBridge, Fresh, Vegas & Maldini. Since then their output has smouldered away with strategically dropped tracks ranging from the raw guitar-wringing emotion on Nomad to diva-wailing slammage on Tetris via the most recent insurgent vocal meltdown Primal Fire. During this slow and steady slew the band have never ruled out a new album. One is long overdue… It’s been almost 16 years since their last album Shot Down On Safari.

So could the next release be significantly bigger? Or did they just get lost in the snow last month and are actually sending a request out for help? No member of the band, their management or Ram Records were prepared to comment. But if it is the latter option then sniffer rescue dogs aren’t going to be much help due to their branded vacpacs. We might be over-thinking things here but we hope they’re okay.

Whatever the pioneering foursome are up to, it might be wise to keep an eye on Bad Company’s Facebook page over the coming weeks….