What Are Disciple Up To?

So this is… Irregular.

Monday August 14, 6pm UK time: Disciple changed all social media profile images to black. So did their artists. Take a look if you haven’t already: Virtual Riot, Dodge & Fuski, The Others, Oolacile, Truth, Barely Alive, PhaseOne, Dubloadz. Check their Twitters, Facebooks, Instagrams… Complete black out.

Or is it? On closer inspection, the profile pictures show distant stars…


Fans have noticed that the stars are in different locations on each artist profile and there are many theories out there including new alliances, new albums, new collaborations, new signings or a world tour.

So far staff at Disciple have yet to comment. We’ve contacted the label and each artist and received nothing but silence. No artists have commented or updated their profiles since the blackout. With Barely Alive & Virtual Riot’s basement tour announced and Dubloadz album just released, this seems like a bizarre time to instigate a major marketing campaign… We genuinely have no idea what is happening. When we find out, you’ll be the first to know.