What’s Andy C up to?


Last night, November 10, at 8pm GMT Andy C dropped this on his Facebook…

No obligatory PR fanfare. No explanation or further comment. Just a website entitled Andy C What Next? with a clock counting down to 1pm Monday November 21.

So what’s he going to announce?

The video hints at something live but he’s already in the thick of a club tour, he’s has come off the back of another incredible headline-heavy festival season and already set an unmatched benchmark selling out Alexandra Palace last March. He’s ticked the live box more than ever this year. Unless it’s a set on the moon (and we wouldn’t rule it out) we don’t think it’s a live thing.

How about productions? He kicked off the new year with New Era, he said there was more to come and has gone on record many times saying how excited and enthusiastic he is about being in the studio. We’ve been asking him about an album for well over two years and he’s never ruled it out. Could it be an album?

Or maybe a mix? His last official, all-bells-whistles-kitchen-sink opus – Nightlife 6 – dropped exactly three years ago. But with Ramlife now positioned as the label’s flagship mix series and allowing his fellow Ram artists to create widescreen mix experiments, we’re not sure if this big revelation is going to be something as straight forward as a Nightlife.

Speaking of Ram artists, could this be a big announcement relating to his label and the talented roster on it? Not likely… They’ve just signed Bad Company and gone into partnership with Camo & Krooked. Without bringing Pendulum back, you can’t get much bigger.

So WTF is he up to?  Andy, his management, his publicist and anyone else we can pester about this are remaining tight-lipped and ignoring calls. One thing is certain: no one would be so churlish to put up a countdown clock up unless it’s a f**king big announcement. Yet another unique chapter in the life of the Rambitious drum & bass heavyweight/ambassador/pioneer is about to begin.

We’ll report with more details as soon as we can get them…

Andy C What Next?