Where Is The Drama? Spotify launch new web app

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Let’s not waste any time here… We’re all busy people. We need stuff and we need it NOW, right?

Mercifully Spotify have recognised this and have catered for it with an interesting new web-based app: Where Is The Drama?

Ideal for those moments when you have to listen to the most dramatic part of a track straight away – gearing yourself for an intense meeting, a little pre-gym hype or something to give you a kickstart getting out of bed – Where Is The Drama analyses the audio dynamics of a track and highlights the part of the song where the loudness raises the most over 30 seconds.

This isn’t to be confused with the all-important drop itself, but rather the build-up before the drop. That’s where the real drama is – the calm before the storm, the epic suspense before the big pay-off. It’s an interesting tool, which you can check out yourself here.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got time. We checked out three UKF faves to see where the drama is. Interestingly, the drama it highlighted on Noisia and Sub Focus’s tracks is the build to the first drop while on Flux’s iconic I Can’t Stop, it’s selected the build up before the second drop.

How useful will Where Is The Drama be in our hectic fast-paced lives? The jury’s out for now… But it is a cool tool that resonates with the dramatic dancefloor music we have have been celebrating and supporting for five years. Worth having a play… If you’ve got time.

On Spotify? So are we.

Noisia – Oh Oh


noisia drama

Sub Focus – Rock It


sub focus drama

Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop


flux drama