Whiney reveals more about new album: Waystone

November 30 sees the release of Whiney’s second album Waystone.

Coming our way via Med School, weighing in at 14 tracks: Waystone doesn’t so much as take off where last year’s debut album Talisman left us, but sets a whole new level for the young UK artist.

Darker, heavier and more forthright than anything else he’s done to date, it’s the sound of Whiney maturing as a junglist here for the long haul.

“I guess it’s just my nature,” Whiney explains. “I’ve always loved the darker more rhythm infused styles of music, but, knowing that staying grounded and open to ideas is the best way to get things done and get the best out of everyone involved.”

Everyone involved = Inja, Truthos Mufasa, Sense MC, Hugh Hardie, Keeno, Lakeway, Degs and Mr Porter. Each collaborator providing their own unique skills to an album that rolls through the 170 shades in one of the strongest artist albums Med School have released in years. It also represents where Whiney is at in his life, too. As the name suggests, it’s a particularly poignant time in his life.

“It’s all about progression,” Whiney explains. “Progression in both my music and lifestyle. I started putting together the first sketches in early February/March and by May decided it was time to quit my job and focus on the LP full-time. I also moved house at the time and had just played on the main-stage at Arcadia so it was a bit hectic with emotions running high. But there was no way I could have written the album, gigged and stayed in contact with everyone I needed to without it. Two major aims were to improve my songwriting as a whole and working with vocalists and I’m really pleased with how that’s progressed.”

Usually in drum & bass the terms ‘songwriting’ and ‘working with vocalists’ suggest an artist is moving towards more of a mainstream or crossover sound but Whiney’s completely flipped that. Have a little buzz on the first song to be released from Waystone and hear for yourself: Triple Duppy Demon with LEVELZ Truthos Mufasa and long time sonic sparring partner.

Other highlights include the wild drama of the Sense MC featured Notorious, the toxic halftime bass assault Slingshot, the hurricane soul of Spheres (with Keeno and Pippa Sarratt) and the grunting dark funk of Mission; a track where Whiney and Inja build on their ever fattening collab collection. Check it below, cop the full tracklist and count down the days until November 30.

Whiney – Waystone: Tracklist

1: The Capital
2: Mission (ft. Inja)
3: Spheres (ft. Keeno & Pippa Sarratt)
4: The Edge (ft. Lakeway & Degs)
5: Slingshot
6: Doing It For Time (ft. Kwam)
7: Fever
8: Triple Duppy Demon (ft. Hugh Hardie & Truthos Mufasa)
9: Dismissed
10: Darkest Night (Interlude)
11: 11 Notorious (ft. Sense)
12: 12 Virgo
13: 13 Shards (ft. Mr Porter)
14: Amulet

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