Who Are The Russian Jump Up Mafia?

We’re genuinely not sure if this is an April fool or not…

This morning the community page Drum & Bass Baltics announced a new Russian drum & bass ‘supergroup’ the Russian Jump Up Mafia. The post included link to a Soundcloud page with four full on, noxious, overtly pumped hybrids that sit somewhere between jump up, dancefloor and the Russian hard dance phenomenon hardbass.

After a bit of digging we’ve been told that the group are anonymous but are apparently all well known Russian drum & bass producers. The lead track Anthem features Russian Village Boys (arguably the most famous tracksuit wearing squatting Slavs in the world right now) and it’s without doubt the most Gopnik drum & bass and we’ve ever heard… Or seen.

As mentioned, we have no idea if this is an April fool joke. But to produce a video, set up socials and make an EP’s worth of tracks and collaborate with an act who have been unavoidable across mainland Europe and have recently had a major Adidas endorsed hit with Dutch/Polish rapper Mr Polska? It all seems a little elaborate and over the top for just one day of jokes.

One thing is certain; the music most definitely is…

We recently spoke to Neuropunk founder and Gydra member Bes about the golden age of Russian drum & bass and discussed how the new movement of artists and the new Neuropunk label suggests there’s a new rise in talent emerging from Russian speaking and Ex Soviet states. Could the Russian Jump Up Mafia be another new catalyst for this new movement? If so, it’s certainly a new direction from the more neuro characterised sound that has traditionally emerged from Russia… And one that most D&B purists will find very hard to accept.

You can follow them and see how this develops. We’ll keep you posted if/when we find out more.